AC powered or Battery Powered? Which enail is best?

AC powered or Battery Powered? Which enail is best for you? Portable vs Corded eNails

The dilema solved…. When it comes to finding the best enail for you it’s really up to your needs when you choose either one of the 710 Life award winning brand of enails.  Whether your enail is plug it in to the wall socket type or portable battery powered enail is on many stoners mind. At some point its on every enail owners mind, unless they own both.  Lets say you started off with the 710 Life ac Powered eNail, it’s perfect in every way.  Precise temperature and control, superb flavor, many choices of nails and the ability to have it on and ready to go without the downfall of batteries.  The ac powered type enail  is best suited for home use, dispensary use, and for social events where power is supplied and accessable – This allow the serious dabber or anyone wanted several people to get dabs without ever worrying about the inevitable failure of all battery devices when the juice runs out.

Now the portable enail is also perect but it is best suited for portable enviroments like camping, hiking, off-road adventures, and your car discretly at your lunch break the possibilities truly are endless.  It also will bring you champion status hits filled with your aromatic concentrate terps.  The only sort of drawback to such enail use freedom is the downfall of batteries.  Have no fear with our 710 Life Evolution portable enail you can get extra batteries.


Portable Battery Powered eNail

  • Great Flavor
  • Perfect temperature control
  • Travel Anywhere
  • Quartz Nail
  • Portable Use anywhere even at the top of a mountain or in an Airplane
  • Convenient

AC Powered Enail

  • Great Flavor
  • Reliable Precision temperature control
  • Capable of back to back non stop dabbing for 24 hour use if needed, like at a dispensary or dab bar or your garage