Calibrating Big Crusher Rosin Press

Following these instructions to calibrate the Calibrating Big Crusher Rosin Press

Note:   Press at 50% full pressure to equal 100 psi on the gauge which is equivalent to 10,000 PSI
🔎-Press the first button three times
🔎-Adjust that number to 5 using the up and down arrows
🔎-Tap the first button one more time to set the pressure setting to five
⚠️✅ 👀Now comes the internal programming calibration
🔎-Hold the first button for 7 seconds
🔎-When you see the letters SC you’ve entered the programming mode correctly
🔎-Tap the same button five times to cycle through the settings until you reach the setting DN
🔎-Set that number to lower by increments of 5
🔎-Then hold the first button down for 7 seconds To finalize all your changes
⚠️✅ 👀-Now do a test run with a towel in between the plates to protect them
⚠️✅ 👀 Notice the pressure gauge at the very bottom The PSI should be close to 100 which represents actual 10,000 psi equivalant to half the presses power
⚠️✅ 👀*If it is above 10,000 PSI Repeat the steps above and lower the DN by an increment of five
⚠️✅ 👀*repeat testing with the towel again until the gauge is very close to 100 representing 10K PSI
⚠️✅ 👀*If the gauge is below 100 increased the DN number
⚠️✅ 👀*If the gauge is above 100 decrease the DN number
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