710 Life -Oil Star Pro 3 in 1 Dab Tool

710 Life -Oil Star Pro 3 in 1 Dab Tool

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710 Life Enail Instruciton Manual - Setting Up Your New eNail


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Product Description

Oil Star Pro 3 in 1

Oil Star Pro

The Oil Star Pro is a unique and multi-functional concentrate vaporizer for portable enail, nectar collector dabbing and dab pen vaping.  The most versatile best dab pen to date, period! The oil star pro will change your entire perception on a multiuse tool… This tool will be your go to day in day out. This is basically a brain with a different attachment or physical function allowing it to complete all 3 of its tasks effortlessly with a perfect recreation of your concentrates terpene profile.  The innovative ability to switch the atomizer is a convenient and simple way to dab without a rig and torch or any loading turning this into a full fledged nectar collector. switch tips again and its a dab pen with delicious flavor and proper clouds.  Switch mouthpieces and now the dab pen is a portable enail. The patent pending Atomizer allows the user to load the Dipper like a traditional enail to get a true dab hit. This remarkable unit is easily the most versatile dab unit. No rig, no torch, no problem. The Oil Star Pro produces giant clouds of flavorful vapor you typically only associate with a true dab rig. Developed as a triple use dab pen, enail, and nectar collector (electric dab straw) , this powerful vape is just what you need for dabbing on the go. The innovative tip is mess free so there’s no need for loading or handling sticky concentrates when is nectar collector mode. Powered with modern USB-C rechargeable 1000 mAh battery. It will last all day long.

Switch from Dab Pen to Nectar collectors to handheld portable enail dab rigs the OIL STAR PRO will revolutionize the way we take dabs


The 1st lowest heat setting hits the lowest temps where concentrates will engage and vaporize perfectly with no degradation to the terpenes. Taste everything perfectly!

The 2nd heat setting is a excellent reproduction of flavor still but with a boost in vapor

The 3rd heat setting will lose only a tiny bit of flavor there will be a significant increase in vapor size.  The OIL STAR PRO will meet your adventurous mobile life while maintaining ease of use and excellent flavor and vapor

  • 😊3-in-1 portable eNail + Dab pen + nectar collector
    1. Dab Pen
    2. Portable eNail for Bongs
    3. Nectar Collector
  • 😊 1000 mAh
  • 😊 Quick heat coil
  • 😊 Compact and portable
  • 😊 modern USB C based charging
  • 😊 Replaceable atomizers
  • 😊 Compatible with ALL Concentrates Consistencies
  • 😊convenient case to hold everything perfectly
  • 😊single button control

Oil Star Pro

Weight 5 oz


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