eNail showing EEEE or 0 – eNail Troubleshooting 101

eNail showing EEEE or 0 – eNail Troubleshooting 101

Enail will not get hot won’t heat up – How to fix my eNail

enail read display reading “EEEE”

If you are reading this chances are you are experiencing your enail not heating “EEEE” or not showing temp “O”.  When your enail is showing “EEEE” it means your enail coil is defective or damaged and no longer able to heat.  A new coil replacement will be needed to make your enail operate like new again, which you can purchase by clicking here.  After you purchase your new coil it will be like brand new again!


enail read display reading “O”

If your enail is showing “O” this means 1 of 2 things can be wrong your enail and to troubleshoot this you will need a new coil replacement which can be purchased here . If after the new coil it is still showing a “O” then the main unit is bad and we can hook you up here with a replacement for a great price if its outside contact us Via eMail.  if inside the warranty you will get a free replacement simple click here. You can use this so you do not have to live without an enail while yours gets fixed!


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