Is My eNail Temperature Accurate?

Is My eNail Temperature Accurate? How to Accurately Test Any eNail


eNail Temperature test Type K Thermometer
eNail Temperature Testing Equipment – Type-K Thermometer

Checking your enail temp!

A step by step guide to help you to test any eNail brand with the proper type digital thermometer.  The correct tools matter, using the wrong tools to test will obviously lead to an erroneus reading that is not accurate. If you are trying to test an eNail with any IR temperature gun (especially cheap ones from Amazon or eBay.  Real Scientific model like the Fluke 568 Digital IR Gun  is still the wrong tool for the job.  There are many scientfic reasons for this but for now lets concentrate on getting you what you came here for. An accurate enail temperature test.  First purchase a Type-K Thermometer from

Next connect the K-Type end of wire to the coil of the enail, while the enail is off! Next turn on your eNail and let it come to full temp. To be sure, wait 7 minutes, all other slower cheaper brands should be hot and stable.

Now read the LCD readout and if you need calibrating follow the next step.  if your temperatures are not accurate or are moving around the first step to troubleshoot and fix that issue is Calibrating your eNail to its current room temp. Click here to Calibrate your eNail!