Glass Stopper (14mm) or (19mm)

Glass Stopper (14mm) or (19mm)

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Product Description

Glass Stopper

Glass Stopper for cleaningA Glass Stopper for cleaning is used for soaking your oil rig’s or any water pipe that has a MALE FITTING.  You just place the Glass Stopper for cleaning on the male fitting and place the included keck clip to lock it in place.  Then you are free to soak your waterpipe with the latest cleaner Kush Clean or any other cleaner you prefer. Glass Stopper for cleaning is useful for cleaning and belongs in everyone’s cleaning regimen tool box!

  • seal bottom hole of your favorite waterpipe or bong
  • stop trying to get the hole plugged with other objects or fingers
  • best to use with a plastic keck clip
  • place in hole with a gentle twist (skip twisting if you use a keck clip
  • fill with your favorite cleaner.

Grab a Glass Stopper (14mm) or (19mm) for cleaning and see the difference in ease of use and cleaning! Our Glass Stopper are made from borosilicate glass

What is the Correct Downstem and Joint Size?

What is my glass joint size? Finding the Right Downstem.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Joint Size


3 reviews for Glass Stopper (14mm) or (19mm)

  1. Mory (verified owner)

    Great stopper for cleaning

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice for cleaning

  3. Dylan W. (verified owner)

    Came in one piece fits 14mm female perfect.

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