The Importance of a Clean Quartz Nail to Dab on Correctly!

The Importance of a Clean Quartz Nail to Dab on Correctly!

Quartz Domeless Male NailQuartz Domeless Male Nail

Cleaning Quartz Nail 95% restored to new in under 5 minutes

Carbon builds up on all enails due to their lower temps, but with a little maintenance its as good as new. Carbon causes flavor adulteration , ruining flavor! A properly kept clean nail tastes great every time.  Another problem with thick layers of black carbon on the quartz nail will not be getting a good vapor, the enail is reading the Quartz temp, but the Carbon is an insulator as a matter of fact Carbon is used on many space craft due to its ability to insulate heat


now people who uses a torch regularly do not see the same buildup whether or not if they are using Q-tip and alcohol they are always cleaner than a regular enail user… Why? Well torches burn at  3,623 °F (burns all lipids, fats , waxes, and all other forms of carbon) and a properly running enail runs at 650°F (vaporizes cannabis oils and terpenes)

dirtythe Fats, Lipids and Wax do not vape at low temps so they form a crust and should be cleaned for best flavor and best vaporization and technique! wipe it with a qtip dry or better soaked in alcohol , when done still leave the enail on until it stocks smoking now its ready and dry for scraping!

the metal slim rodsFirst you grab or buy a dental pick set from or anywhere else and scrape the hardened carbon. after most is gone like photo below Scrape Gently to remove chunks



then you grab your old torch just to clean the quartz to a new like position by heating the black till it glows red and then it will vanish! Like the photo below

clean quartz restoration process

95% restored in under 5 minutes ! The importance of cleaning those leftover forms of fats lipids and wax that are not beneficial, is…. as they are heated they still off-gass creating toxins to anyone who dabs with a torch cannot prevent this, good thing and enail limits this tremendously! first of all the waxes fats and lipids cannot vape at 650F setting on our enail.