Kush Clean ™

Kush Clean ™

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Tired of scrubbing and shaking your  waterpipe clean?
WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR  smoking utencils TO CLEAN themselves?
Kush Clean is a revolutionary natural product that thoroughly removes Tar, Resins & Odors from you glass waterpipe without any work.
Simple REUSABLE CLEANING has become a reality.
one bottle cleans 100’s of bongs.
Is your glass Kush Clean?  Our exclusive glass cleaning formulation was designed to cut through Tar & Resin from both Concentrates and Herbal Blends build-up. Powerful concentrated natural cleaning agent get to cutting through the grime with ease, leaving a sparkling clean and scratch free piece of glass. Do you wish you pipe or bong were like new again? Kush Clean is simple to use and was designed with today’s sophisticated glass in mind. Our glass Pipe & Bong Cleaner has a nonabrasive formulation using a cleaning technology that protects your glass collection from tiny invisible scratches that other inferior methods and products can cause. Clean all your accessories and tools with Kush Clean. Cleaning Dabbers, Domes, and Nails with ease dissolving tar and restoring the tools back to their original state.


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Product Description

Kush Clean – best way to clean a bong

No Work No Fuss just Set it and Forget it! – Re-Usable too!

Kush Clean, bong cleaner, best bong cleaner, reusable bong cleaner1Kush Clean ™ is the best pipe cleaner around for today’s modern pipes. If you own some nice glass work and have had trouble with other cleaners and methods, than try our pipe cleaner. Our product Emulsifies Tough Resin’s and Tars changing their molecular bond and rendering them water soluble and washable with warm water. Once the best pipe cleaner, Kush Clean, has gone to work your left with a sparkling clean pipe after a short warm water rinse. After using Kush Clean, Smell your pipe, and enjoy the fresh scent of clean glass. Better grab your favorite smoke, take it out after you have cleaned your pipe and enjoy the flavor of your your favorite smoke the way mother nature intended. The difference before and after will be night and day. if you are a connoisseur and enjoy what you smoke, give us a try. Then you can enjoy every session as it were a new pipe.
Other inferior methods and products either don’t clean all the way, require abrasives that remove the luster of glass and metal. Other methods may clean visible tars ok but leave you, your pipe, your sink, the room you cleaned it in, and your hands smelling tar like. Most people hate having a film of invisible resin on their hands, leaving them with an odor of a pipe, all from the use inferior other methods and products.

That is not the case with Kush Clean – the best pipe cleaner for today’s modern pipes and people. When your done you will smell like clean citrus, your pipe will smell clean and fresh, your room will smell clean and fresh, and you will smell clean and fresh.  Our cleaner is 100% liquid so it can get into any nook and cranny imaginable.  Our cleaner cleans without the need out shaking or scrubbing, just plug the hole, fill it up and watch the resin drop!

  • Cleans Glass Smoking Accessories WITHOUT SHAKING OR SCRUBBING
  • 16 oz.
  • 100% ReUsable 1 bottle can keep on cleaning without compromise in quality

Do Not Use Kush Clean Acrylic or Plastic Smoking Accessories and/or Parts.

[spacer size=”5″] [pullquote align=”left”] Taste the Taste of Clean, with Kush Clean [/pullquote] Once you clean your pipe with Kush Clean you no longer have to taste the leftover stale resins and tars. AVOID Breaking Your EXPENSIVE Glass with other inferior products that require you to shake or use abrasives!

Kush Clean’s is NON ABRASIVE NO SHAKING NECESSARY Formulation just could possibly save you the headache, cleanup and cost of a losing a nice piece of glass. Take your time check out our site. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact us via email or phone. We are here for our customers and would love to hear from you.

[quote style=”1″]”A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.[/quote]

Weight 16 oz
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15 reviews for Kush Clean ™

  1. Brandon (verified owner)

    Hassle free cleaner! Awesome soak and rinse process makes for a shaking free event which for allot of patients can be a difference of pain that displaces days or a dirty rig. Product smells so taste uuhhhhh

  2. Eric Ginter (verified owner)

    It works like said

  3. Christian R. (verified owner)

    Best stuff on the market !! Just found out about 420life for few months an they get it done getting all my supplies from them for my enail got a customer for life .

  4. William Hacker (verified owner)

    amazing! always recommend you guys to friends

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great

  6. Brillant Barbara

    This works great! Very easy to use and can reuse so it saves money. You don’t have to shake it-it is already mixed

  7. Joellen

    Amazing, cleaned a glass bubbler that had been neglected for an embarrassing amount of time!

  8. Maxine

    This stuff works great!

  9. Sally P.

    Awesome cleaner, works like magic!

  10. Christopher

    Cleans extremely well, leaves a fresh citrus scent on your smoking appliances.

    You can also reuse it by filtering it through a coffee filter with a funnel. Get about 4 uses out of it.

    Highly recommended, I had a FILTHY bong, and now it’s clean as almost new.

    I also found by heating the product slightly (CAREFUL!) makes it even better performance wise :))

  11. David Dell

    this stuff really works

  12. Jesse

    OMG!!! I love this glass cleaner…. No more dirty pipes again!! Makes your glass look brand new overnight (depending on the build up)!!!! Truely an amazing product!!! I’d recommend it to all stoner’s!!! Lol… 🙂

  13. Rebecca J

    A Must, Five Stars, Works great. Made my piece like new for reals and best of all i used it 7 times so far and it still works like brand new.

  14. Jerry

    420 Goody Box introduced me to Kush Clean in there January box. I never was able to clean my middle chamber UNTIL KUSH CLEAN! my problem had always been how to get the middle chamber clean. nothing worked! until I tried your product. Left my bong soaking overnight and it turned out a clean middle chamber by morning after the rinse.

  15. Christie

    i love how this cleaner works. Just bought a new piece and it gets cleaned every night before i sleep i pour it in and leave it soaking! My glass STAYS cleaned! simple no work a stoners best friend for his precious new glass

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