Adjusting your Coil for the Perfect Fit

Adjusting your Coil for the Perfect Fit

Tightening or loosening a coil for a perfect fit is ideal and should be done by anyone trying to achieve the perfect flaovred vaping dab.  Due to the fact that our quartz nails are hand blown there can be slight variances in the diameter of  the nail, so we make the coil 20.1mm to cover this size difference. if you find your coil is lose and you want to tighten it for better heat conduction simply follow these instructions.

How to adjust your Barrel coil

Depending where your coil is snug at you will be twisting the coil clockwise or counterclockwise with your hand gently.

If your coil is snug on the top 3 wraps then you will hold the coil with the arm at the top and grasp with your hand, then twist coil clockwise to loosen and counterclockwise to tighten.

If it is snug on the bottom three wraps fits you will then need a pair of needle nose pliers or a regular pliers tool ready. To adjust the coils you will want to flip it over so the arm is on the bottom. You will take the nose of the pliers and stick it through the bottom hole in the coil. Then grasp the coil in your hand and again twist clockwise to loosen and counterclockwise to tighten it.

The banger should be able to slip in and out of the coils by hand, but should keep a nice flush fit with the coil sides as well and not fall when left alone. If you have any questions or concerns about fitting your bangers please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. We are always more than happy to help in any way we can.