30mm Quartz Banger XL Nail

30mm Quartz Banger XL Nail

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Product Description

30mm Quartz Banger XL Nail eBanger

 New Flame Polished 30mm Quartz Banger XL Nail  for our enail (need our exclusive 30mm XL Coil to use this)

90 degree quartz banger for 30mm enail coil are 2.5mm thick and more durable! Our exclusive 2.5mm thick quartz banger will definitely outlast the cheap thin one’s and retain a more evenly distributed heat across the quartz while maintaining your desired temp longer.  Having a quartz banger has become quite a trend with people still not using a torch and have converted to enail.  Our quartz banger is so much bigger than others because we use a 30mm bucket.  If you are in the 710 scene you know how popular quartz and quartz bangers and nails are.  Get your 710 Life quartz banger and see what all the quartz fuss is all about! Our 90 Degree 30mm Quartz Banger Male is excellent for those who love flavor the most.  If you own a enail and would like to upgrade and take your medicinal sessions to the next level than you must have your own 90 Degree Quartz Banger Female for 30mmenail coil.  Also known as an eBanger used for aromatherapy with enails!

Quartz Domeless / Banger – Proper Nail Care

Place coil on quartz nail, then power on the unit allowing the coil to heat on the nail. It is always recommended that you remove the coil from the quartz nail immediately after turning off your eNail. When the heats it expands upon cooling the coil can contract and squeeze the quartz domeless/banger potentially breaking it.  Removing the coil from your quartz nail will significantly eliminate the chance of the nail breaking. if it is a tight fit, make sure not to leave the coil on, all coils shrink when cooling causing extreme pressure.  If you have any trouble please call us for support, we can instruct you with different methods to make a perfect fit.


• Only clean units while powered down, unplugged, and properly cooled down to safe levels.
• while still warm, swipe with dry Q-Tip then swipe with alcohol dipped Q-Tip.
• to clean inside clean nail with a soak in warm isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol then rinse and wipe dry
• Regular cleaning of nail will increase performance and airflow.
• Never clean the nail by raising temperature this will kill your coil

Great ways to clean… We have 2 great articles on cleaning and maintaining your quartz nails

The Importance of a Clean Quartz Nail to Dab on Correctly!

For Deep Cleaning your quartz to pristine conditions click here

For daily maintenance and cleaning please click here

What is the Correct Downstem and Joint Size?

What is my glass joint size? Finding the Right Downstem.

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Joint Size

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6 reviews for 30mm Quartz Banger XL Nail

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality quartz with a huge bucket.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had some issues with the fit of this coil to being very loose on the the banger, and had to make some adjustments to make it fit. So if you are having problems with your fit try “more info->adjust your coil” from the top of the page. I had to make other adjustments pushing the bottom up (coil in the adjust your coil photos doesn’t have a bottom), I also had to slightly bend the main shaft downward to eliminate the gap you see in the photo below. I found that without that modification that it would again become loose as it heated up even if it fit snugly while cool. After adjustments the hits are much better.

  3. John Catha (verified owner)

    love it

  4. John S. (verified owner)

    Great products and customer service is awesome will buy from again. Told my friends too.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wrong size was sent, but they responded quickly and got the correct one out to me.

  6. Nate Boyer (verified owner)

    This banger is fantastic! I got it with the 30mm banger coil, terp pearls, and the vented spinning carb cap. It provides great flavor and even vaporization, but I can’t get the terp pearls to spin while dabbing with my rig. There just isn’t enough draw through my recycler.

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