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710 Life ™- 37ml Silicone Storage Container (Glows)

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710 Life 37ml Silicone Storage Container

Our Glow in the Dark silicone container measures 2.5″ X 2.5 x 1.75″


Engineered specifically for all natural plant essential oils, the 710 Life Silicone container allows you to handle and store any essential oil with ZERO waste or mess.  Storage is a breeze with our 37 ml silicone container holding enough for a rainy day.  Never scrape again, nothing sticks to our Silicone!

  • Completely non-stick, the 710 Life Silicone Mat is the perfect surface for handling your precious extracts and protecting your glass tools
  • Silicone helps your area to stay clean and tidy
  • being glow in the dark helps you find it by simply shutting off your lights 🙂
  • It’s the perfect surface for drying water extracts
  • Sticky or oily items stay clean of debris
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to parchment paper
  • The reinforced surface is non-stick, heat resistant, and completely food safe and reusable
  • Our Mat is microwave and hot-plate safe. The unique material spreads heat evenly when used for purging and handles temperatures up to 500°F
  • keep and store all your tools on top on the mat so your environment stays sticky free


The highest grade of silicone available, our unique material is manufactured from medical grade (USP 6) silicone.  Unlike common Food Grade silicone, USP 6 material is completely free of manufacturing byproducts and is comprised only of pure silicone.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations, Only “710 Life Silicone container are Platinum Cured” silicone that has no bad odors, smells or flavors that can affect the purity of your essential oils.

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