55mm XL Banger Hybrid Coil Replacement

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55mm XL Banger Hybrid Coil Replacement

Banger Coils: This is a E Nail Coil for our enails it measures55mm.  This Banger Coil for enails uses XLR connections so this replacement will fit our enail temperature controller with an XLR connector by choosing the model below.  Check the back where you plug in the AC cord, Do you see a fuse? if Yes then you have a NEW Model, if NOT then you have an OLD Model.  This Coil Replacement was made for use with our enails for our customers to replace the cable if they damage it.  All cables can possible be damage by the user and no one wants to be without their enails working.   There’s no need to buy another enail. Just purchase this E Nail Coil Replacement.  You never know when a family pet will decide to eat your cable for fun.  That is where this Coil Replacement for our enails with XLR connection enails. Plug it in the XLR connection on your enail temperature controller and have fun.  So never fear if you or your pet damages the cable or if you break it yourself, we got you covered!  if you see “EEEEE” on your 710 Life enails’ heater box then you have damaged your cable and need a replacement cable at once! Also if you have super erratic temperatures you can try Resetting your enail by holding down the > (Right Arrow) for 10 seconds which will reset the device, if the problem persist with erattic temperatures you need a new coil.

The industry can thank 710 Life for this particular invention….. working in connection with our quartz blower and our machinist to come up with the perfect coil bangers.  Many attempts later we released these type in 2015 long before any of our competitors ever thought of such an idea.

Getting the most from our eNail:

The Coil Heater is the weaker part of the unit and as with any eNail it will eventually fail. It’s a very good idea to always keep a spare handy so you never have failure.Purchase any style or replacement coils
you may need @ 420life.com

Note: Our coil heaters will last thousands of hours with proper use and care.

650°F – 800°F optimal heater temperature
650°F – 750°F for QUARTZ
690°F – 800°F for TITANIUM

Extend your coils life!

A few things will dramatically reduce the life of heater


  • Never use the coil at temperatures near 1000ºF for an extended period of time. This will result in a burnt/black and is easily identifiable and voids the warranty for the heating coil.
  • Do not use any other brand coil you can permanently damage your 710 Life main unit
  • Never Apply water to heater for cooling or cleaning.
  • Never alter, bend, twist, or otherwise stress the cable, connectors, coil rings or coil rod.
  • never clean the nail by raising temperature this will kill the life of your coil



3 reviews for 55mm XL Banger Hybrid Coil Replacement

  1. Brandon (verified owner)

    Holds temp perfect! Wow!

    • BossHog

      wow we know you are getting serious rips now with the big 55mm
      glad your happy

  2. Charles (verified owner)

    The mac daddy of bangers for a surprisingly low price

  3. Philip (verified owner)


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