420 Life 710 Life best enail High Times Cannabis Cup WinnersWHAT IS AN ENAIL?

As wax concentrates become more readily available, portable e-nails (also called eRigs) have become the preferred means for dabbing wax but lack the true precise control that a desktop unit brings, not to mention its always ready and never needing to charge makes the desktop enail a must have for the dabber. Compact yet powerful, enails represent the latest way to vaporize wax concentrates, delivering thick, extra-potent clouds. More consistent, reliable and potent than traditional wax pen vaporizers, eNails provide the type of power you’d expect from a desktop dab rig that draws energy from a wall outlet. Coupled with better temperature control, the main difference between desktop rigs and portable e-nails is that the latter is battery-powered, portable and rechargeable, enabling dabbing on-the-go.

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With concentrates, the most important factor in terms of enjoyment and efficiency is temperature control  Other company may use similar looking devices, but they are not created equal.  Just like shopping for a car, all cars do the same thing, but some preform much better than other brands. Too hot of a nail and you’re left with a plasticky tasting dab, too cold and the dab won’t give off as much vapor as it should.  AVOID ALL TEMP FLUCTUATION, we use a custom SSR realy integrated PID that was designed specifically to heat plant oils to vaporization.  While others skimp and use cheap PID controllers and separate SSR relays trying to make it do its job only adding to a short lifespan and temp jumps when inhaling. Since the dawn of dabs, dabbers have relied on butane torch, an inefficient and imprecise form of heating that can add up over the years, leaving you with a timer or just plain a guessing game, yet still never knowing what temp you really took that dab at.  As soon as the users torch isn’t in direct contact with their nail, it will begin to cool rapidly, meaning you’ll never have 100% confidence in your nail temp. Aside from the guessing game, torches require butane refills, which can weigh heavy on your budget. With a standard desktop enail, finding the right temperature consistency for your nail will never be a guessing game.

Thankfully, 710 Life enail units are made up of a custom PID controller box, which delivers heat through a coil that’s directly connected to the nail itself, so temperature guessing game isn NEVER an issue. With your enail you can set a desired temp without worrying about heat variability of any kind. Our eNails allow for consistent vaporization at precise temperatures and will stay hot without the need for re-torching, so all you have to worry about is loading and dabbing.   No other brand is identical to ours open yours up and compare!

Maintaining your enail is easy.  Whereas the high temps of a torch will cause wax to burn, leaving tough residue in your nail, an enail will promote cleaner burn-offs at lower temperatures.


An enail allows users to better utilize their temperature, enabling “low temp dabbing”. A dab taken between 615°F and 650°F is considered a “low temp dab”. Low temp dabs deliver more flavor and potency while keeping hits smooth. You can unlock new flavor notes that a torch would simply burn off, which also promotes fuller effects with a higher presence of terpenes. Dab enthusiasts who put a premium on flavor will especially enjoy enails, as their ability to maintain stable temperatures ensures no odd, unnatural flavors will be tasted. Utilizing a carb cap boosts vapor production, so when you cover the chamber, vapor will billow out during a low temp dab session.

While some subscribe to the low temp dab lifestyle, a lot of concentrate users swing the other way, choosing to boost their enail up to a medium level 670-710 and some take high temperature dabs. High temp dabs, between 720°F and 900°F, deliver thick clouds and intense effects. With low temp dabs, you’ll need to use a carb cab to keep your nail heated, not so with high temperature dabs: the high temps will waste no wax, vaporizing all your wax instantly. This temp range is not for those who value flavor, as the high temp eliminates your concentrate’s terpenes.


Portability is a huge reason why enails are increasing in popularity. Before the enail, dab enthusiasts would have to lug their desktop unit around (hoping there would be an outlet in sight) or haul their glass rig and all its parts wherever they wanted to dab. Enails eliminate the reliance on butane and wall power letting you enjoy desktop style rips anywhere from a festival to a food truck. With their optimized functionality, enails require very little power to operate, while still being able to last for hours. Torch and desktop rigs cannot come close to the sheer volume of dabs that enails can deliver in a short time.

As dabbing grows in popularity, the enail industry has responded with the release of more advanced units. Enails boast long-lasting and rechargeable batteries. Capable of delivering the vapor production of a desktop rig, these devices combine portability with power for a more convenient dabbing experience.


As technologically advanced as they are, enails are fairly simple to use. Once you’ve powered up your unit you will either choose a temperature down to the exact degree, or rely on time-saving presets. It is important to note that different concentrates have different THC levels, so it is helpful to know how potent your oil is before dabbing it onto your nail. Dabbing can feel more intense than dry herb, so it’s best to start small and increase your dab size as you go.

Heating enails are a brief process. First off, get your concentrate situated on your tool and have it ready to dab onto your dabber. The second step is getting your temperature where you want it to be by using the up and down arrows. Our enails remember your last temperature, but others will require that you choose a temperature at the beginning of each session. Your enail will let you know when its ready.when temperature has been reached. Once your nail is good and heated, take your dabber and apply your concentrate directly onto the nail while slowly inhaling. Rotating your dab tool while it is vaporizing can help prevent wasting any concentrate that may get stuck on the dabber. After you exhale, your journey is complete and you can enjoy the effects of your concentrate.

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