Which eNail Brand is Best? #1 ENAIL 10 YEARS

Which eNail Brand is Best? #1 ENAIL 10 YEARS

The 710 Life Micro Mini eNail is the world’s best E-Nail known for its high quality and reliability. Control your temperature and taste your terpenes. We are also the only desktop eNail with awards and over 10 years’ experience. If you want your dab hits to be perfect every single time, buying an eNail is essential. Although heating your dab nail with a dab torch is the traditional method, it can be tedious, dangerous, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get your hits at the optimal temperature, and pooling is the usual end result, wasting your concentrate. In contrast, investing in one of the best eNails will make dabbing your favorite concentrates immeasurably smoother, easier, and more consistent.

The 710 Life Micro Mini eNail is the world’s best E-Nail

When it comes to eNails we were and still are the #1 choice for eNails.  We pride ourselves in our product quality, design, and execution.  We have been around since before 2010 long before the cannabis explosion.  Our first real competitor that wasn’t just cheap Chinese trash parts didn’t get their business started till the end of 2016….. 6+ years into our designing and laying down much of the ground work and idea behind cannabis oil vaporization by means of digital PID controllers.  Fast forward 2021-2022 everyone and their mother has an eNail brand…. For those who aren’t familiar, eNails are incredible (PID) electronically-enhanced devices that can be attached to any Dab Rig or bong to maximize your dabbing experience. Instead of heating your dab nail manually, you can set your eNail to your desired temperature before applying your dab. It’ll heat up within minutes to your set temperature and maintain your set temperature even while inhaling and will consistently measure the coil temp and adjust up and down accordingly to maintain perfect set temps. The best solution is the best eNail so you can enjoy perfect dab hits. There are now various brands of eNails out there to choose from and all are NOT created equal, some use inferior electronics that clone our original PID and look the same but not operate to the same accuracy as the 710 Life eNail or 710 Life micro eNail.

Not All eNails are Created Equal

With so many choices all looking quite similar it may lead someone to believe they are all the same and price is the only difference…. This approach is the same as comparing a precision engine and a cheap car engine; to the uneducated it looks damn similar but on a track racing quite different.  This is the same with most products.  Price is never the only reason to purchase any brand.  Our eNails are guaranteed to be the most stable with the tiniest degree temperature change in the industry of +2°/-2°when you inhale. There isn’t a real purpose to buying a highly unstable eNail temp when you inhale, that is similar to a torch then where it pools and you have to wait now for the bad eNail brands to warm back up, by then terps taste bad and you’re just wasting the quality of your extracts.  None of our competitors have such precise PID controllers inside.  Most just purchase bulk PID controllers, these can be used from anything ranging from a freezer to a fry cooking machine at McDonalds to an eNail.  Yes they all look similar or even have the same but the circuitry and the algorithm programmed into the PID IS NOT THE SAME.  Our brand is literally thoroughly time tested hands down the best for dabbing any of the finest concentrate from diamonds to was to shatter to terp sauce we got you covered guaranteed you can rest assured you purchased the best eNail out there.

Only Desktop eNail with awards for excellence quality and performance no other brand has any

If you’re looking for an the only desktop eNail with cannabis awards that is incredibly effective, well-designed, precise, built tough with industrial metal housing and feature-packed eNail at a fraction of the price of the other options, then the 710 Life Enail with Quartz Banger is perfect for you.  Setting the temperature and timer is effortless thanks to the aluminum controller with handy buttons, and the built-in LED screen makes it easy to see exactly what you’re doing. Coils that are built and sized around the dabbing industry. The perfect eNail to add to any Dab Rig and start enjoying incredible dab hits. You’ll even get a titanium carb cap and NEVER A STAINLESS STEEL ONE LIKE cheap knockoff brands like theju1cebox uses cheap toxic stainless steel carb cap to place over your banger.  Learn whose been in the game before these cheap imitations came around to rob the cannabis industry with cheap toxic inferior parts and let’s be honest, they don’t care about cannabis lovers or dabbers, they care about money over quality. With 710 Life only high-quality construction, an easy-to-use controller, and all the features you need, this is a stellar choice for anyone- especially since it’s so affordable. You can also spend a little extra to get a different coil our eNail with Hybrid coil for any Nail.

Which eNail Brand is Best? 710 Life has been the #1 ENAIL for over 10 YEARS.. We have over 13 Cannabis Awards…Making it the Most Awarded also
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