Guide to Using Essential Oils with Your enail or Vape Pen

Guide to Using Essential Oils with Your enail or Vape Pen

Guide to Using Essential Oils with Your Vape Pen


Do you use essential oils? Are you looking for an easy and discreet way to use it when you are out? Until a few years ago, the sole method of getting the benefits of essential oils was either rubbing it on your body or diffusing it. While they are certainly beneficial, you cannot reap its advantages when you are on the go. The latest trend in the vaping industry is using a portable vape pen to diffuse essential oils for you. A diffuser stick is a vape pen that allows you to use essential oils and get instant benefits and feel better. If you are planning to use your favorite essential oils with a vape pen, here is all you must know about it.



What is a vape?

A vape is an electronic device that allows you to smoke herbs or concentrates. Ideally, a vape consists of a battery, coil, and a tank that holds the material you wish to smoke. With the help of the battery and coil, the device heats the concentrate to a specific temperature to produce vapor. You can inhale the vapor produced by the award-winning 710 life enail to enjoy the benefits. You can vape e-juice containing nicotine, cannabis, or even essential oils.


What are essential oils?

While you might have been using essential oils in one form or the other, but do you know what they are? Essential oils, extracted from plants, are concentrated liquids containing volatile aroma compounds. They get their name from the fact that the oils contain the ‘essence’ of the aroma of different plants. The oils are essential because they have the essence of plants that can have many health benefits. The plants go through the distillation process to extract the essential oil. Some manufacturers can also use resin tapping, wax embedding, expression, or solvent extraction to get the essential oils.

Essential oils offer a myriad of benefits. You can find the oils in various cosmetic and skincare products, perfumes, house cleaning supplies, scents, and even in food and drinks as a flavor. Many people diffuse essential oils at home to make their surroundings smell pleasant. Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment that uses the aromatic compounds of essential oils to heal you. It can help alleviate pain, stress, nausea, and many other health issues.


Can you vape essential oils?

Let’s cut the chase and give you the answer that you have been looking for. Yes, you can vape essential oils. The vaporizer can heat the oil to a temperature where the oil starts producing vapor, and the aromatic compounds become activated. Upon inhaling the vapor, you also inhale the aromatic compounds which offer instant effects.


How can you do it?

Amid the plenty of vaping devices available on the market, there are specific devices known as ‘diffuser sticks’ that allow you to vape oils. If you already have a vaporizer that allows you to use concentrates, you can use it for vaping essential oils as well.

Once you have the device ready, the next important thing to consider is the essential oil you are going to vape. It is best to invest in pure high-grade essential oil to ensure that you get the best benefits. Substandard oils will have impurities that can make the oil unsafe for inhaling. You can pick an oil that suits your needs, or you can even get custom oils. Since all the essential oils have a different boiling point, it is vital to pick the right one as per the temperature your device uses. Picking any random oil for vaping without the knowledge about its boiling point can lead to burning the oil and reducing aromatic compounds.

Now that you have determined the right device and suitable essential oil, let’s get started. Since you are going to vape essential oil for the first time, it is best to start slow. Pick an essential oil that you have used before, take a few drops of it and inhale small puffs. It will help your body to get accustomed to the essential oil and then you can decide if you need to change the dosage or your inhaling patterns.

If you use vapes regularly, you might get the temptation to take long drags and fill your lungs with the vapor. But, what you might not know is that it can do more harm than good. Essential oils have plenty of positive effects on your body that come with their distinct aroma, but your body takes a longer time to open up to the scents. When it comes to inhaling the oils with aroma, it is best to take smaller drags slowly, to give your body the time to awaken the senses.


Are there any benefits?

Vaping essential oils have plenty of health benefits. While being a healthier alternative to nicotine vaping, essential oils can help you quit smoking or nicotine altogether. It helps make a holistic lifestyle change to get fit. Besides that, vaporizing is the fastest way to get the effects of aromatic compounds present in the oil. When you inhale the vapor containing aroma, it goes straight into your lungs. The bloodstream carries the molecules to the other parts of the body and provides you with its benefits.

Inhaling the essential oils can offer disinfection of the respiratory tract and decongestion. It also reaches the brain and provides relief from psychological ailments as well. The essential oils can help with blood pressure, stress, anxiety, memory, breathing, and even hormonal balance. You can make the most of the benefits of essential oils with the help of a vape pen.

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Final Thoughts

The therapeutic properties of essential oils can restore the natural balance of your body and mind and keep you healthy. While vaping essential oils is relatively new, it’s benefits are making it the latest trend of the vaping industry. From lavender to sandalwood, from clove to peppermint, you can pick any essential oil that suits your needs and start vaping. Just make sure you have a suitable vape and don’t overheat it to enjoy the magical experience. But if you prefer smoking the herbs directly, you can opt for a genius pipe to smoke when you are on the go.

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