How to Use Technology and Freelance Workers to Boost Your Solo Business

How to Use Technology and Freelance Workers to Boost Your Solo Business

How to Use Technology and Freelance Workers to Boost Your Solo Business

According to US Small Business Administration data, about 80% of small businesses do not have any employees. The people who run these businesses are often referred to as “solopreneurs.” However, the term is something of a misnomer. After all, even one-person companies need help from other people. These are some ways you can use technology and freelance workers to help your solo business succeed. the leading manufacture in cannabis vaporizers lists a few below.


Use a Formation Service to Make the Startup Process Easier


How your business is formed affects many aspects of your business, including your personal liability and your tax burden. You can do all the work to set up your company by yourself. However, filling out all the forms, paying the fees, and taking care of the various requirements of your state can be time-consuming and if you mess it up, Bench notes that you could end up paying fines or even having your new business dissolved.


Instead of doing everything yourself, consider using an online formation service. A formation service will be familiar with the rules in your state and can file the necessary paperwork and pay the required fees for you. For example, you can start an LLC in California quickly and easily online. This way, everything is done correctly and it is less expensive than hiring an attorney. Most services provide easy digital access to all your documents.


Identify Jobs You Can Outsource


One of the first items to consider when hiring freelancers is determining exactly what you need done. This will give a clear focus and allow you to avoid jumping the gun. Think about what your strengths are and which aspects of your business require you. Everything that doesn’t fall into those categories is a candidate for outsourcing. Jobs that companies commonly outsource include accounting, payroll, human resources, customer service, website design, and marketing.


Consider the Benefits of Hiring Freelance Workers


Hiring freelance workers has several benefits compared to hiring employees:


  • Take advantage of specialized skills for short-term projects
  • Only pay for workers when you need them
  • You usually don’t need to pay for workers’ compensation or provide benefits to independent contractors
  • Often less expensive
  • Usually require less supervision
  • Motivated to produce high-quality work to get repeat business


Working with freelancers is a low-risk way to tackle jobs that are too big to handle yourself, but too small to justify paying a full-time staff.


Learn How to Find Qualified Freelancers


The internet is the best resource for finding freelance workers. While you may have some success posting on general job boards, the best places to look are usually sites that are specifically dedicated to freelance jobs. Know what you want before you start looking and make sure you accurately describe the project and the skills needed in your job posting.


Figure out your budget before you start searching. The price range for freelance services can vary considerably based on the amount of experience and success the candidates you are considering have. If your budget is tight, you may have to consider working with someone with less experience to avoid exceeding your budget. Use your network. Find out which freelancers and freelancing sites your connections have used and how happy they were with the results.


Take Advantage of Technology


Don’t skimp on your internet service. Make an honest assessment of the bandwidth and speed you need and don’t try to run a bandwidth-intensive business on a home internet connection. As a solopreneur, you probably don’t have a fancy storefront. However, with the help of a freelance web designer or an e-commerce solution, you can have a killer website that will boost your reputation and make you look professional.


As a freelancer, you’ll likely be paying for many goods and services digitally. While this is undoubtedly a useful convenience, it has potential hazards as well. Having your card information stolen, for example, can have both short-term and long-term negative consequences. Be sure to regularly check your credit report from one of the major credit reporting bureaus. This can help alert you to any potential issues or compromised personal information.


No business is truly run by just one person. Leveraging technology and freelance workers can help your small business compete with the big players.

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