Kratom or CBD- Which is more effective for weight loss?

Kratom or CBD- Which is more effective for weight loss?

Kratom or CBD- Which is more effective for weight loss?

We live in a society where stress is at an all-time high. We work 10-12 hour shifts and are still sometimes criticized for not working hard enough. We need to deal with anxiety due to deadlines and office meetings daily. On the other hand, our expectations from ourselves are also sky-high. We follow industry standards when it comes to lifestyle habits and always want the best from ourselves. There are set guidelines for what perfect people should be like, and although they shouldn’t be followed to toxic limits, we all must aim to be healthy.


While various products promise weight loss ranging from different supplements to cheap Kratom powder, let us find out what would work the best between CBD and Kratom for losing weight.

What are Kratom and CBD?

Kratom is a tropical tree from the coffee family native to Southeast Asia, whose leaves can have psychotropic effects, including hallucination, delusion, and confusion, and Primarily being a plant from the humid lands of countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand, it has been a valuable resource for these countries. Many regard Kratom as a beneficial substance for someone who suffers from any pain. It is available in gas stations and paraphernalia shops in most parts of the US, except in a few states and cities that have banned it. In the online market, it is sold as soap making and aromatherapy to make way for the fact that in 2014 the FDA made it illegal to import or manufacture Kratom as a dietary supplement.


We obtain CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant, and it is one of loads of compounds named cannabinoids. It has helped in treating lots of clinical conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, and chronic pain. It does not get the user high like THC, a substance closely associated with CBD itself. Thus even being a cannabis plant, that is a plus point for CBD. When you eat CBD, you can sense a relaxing and soothing sensation. It generally comes from hemp rather than cannabis because hemp has a higher state. CBD indicates quite a few promising signs as it can help with sleep issues to appetite issues alike.


Kratom vs CBD for weight loss

The first thing to keep in mind when discussing Kratom as a weight loss-aiding supplement is that it does not facilitate weight loss on its own. It has a few benefits that may go hand in hand with losing weight as a whole.


For instance, Kratom is known to be a great stimulant that fills you with energy. As we all know and can relate, especially during this pandemic, laziness and a sedentary lifestyle are gateways to weight gain and obesity. The role of Kratom in this scenario is that it fills us with energy and the motivation to be physically active, whether in a gym or some other kind of activity that helps us lose weight. It also improves blood circulation and enhances metabolic processes, boosting oxygen levels in the body. This situation makes the body perfectly susceptible to fat loss.


Another way that Kratom may help with weight loss is it also affects our mind and not just the body. A healthy mind is more open to change and progressive thoughts. Many people depend on their food cravings to lift their mood when in an anxious or stressed state. These food items are more often than not unhealthy and promote weight gain in many individuals. Kratom facilitates the release of dopamine and endorphins, the happiness hormones, to make you feel good without consuming these food items.


There is limited proof from human research to aid the benefits of CBD because the authorities continue to limit the usage and studies on cannabis.


As cannabis is turning into a legalized product in numerous regions, studies continue to increase and suggest a few promising effects. In people with obesity, CB1 receptors (a type of cannabinoid receptor) become widespread, especially in fatty tissues. For this reason, many believe that a link between the CB1 receptors and obesity may be present. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (including the CB1 and CB2 receptors) in the body and may thus affect obesity.


The first promising sign of weight loss due to CBD is that according to a few consumers of CBD, it can convert white, or bad, fat into brown fat, which may be helpful for the body to burn calories. White fat may even boost the risk of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart diseases. Brown fat cells, on the contrary, can be called more active fat. They may burn energy as heat, hence actually burning calories. It is a known fact that burning calories is essential for weight loss. Thus, CBD might help you lose weight after all.


In addition, many users claim that CBD can also help in reducing appetite. While THC is known to increase hunger, there is not enough evidence proving CBD can do the same.


However, it is crucial to notice that no studies have proven that CBD directly results in weight reduction consistently in humans. One should not replace other medicines with CBD for chronic conditions. It is ideal to consult a physician before using CBD for any cause, as it can interact or overlap with ongoing medications.



People worldwide use CBD oil to get comfort from pain, stress, and anxiety or help with sleep. Moreover, there is more research on CBD trying out its capability to treat numerous conditions like diabetes, arthritis, schizophrenia, sclerosis, or even cancer.


Kratom, on the contrary, is not as researched as CBD, hindering its reach and popularity to an extent. But, there has been a profound interest in the plant in the last few years. This interest may result in more research and studies concerning the plant in the future. It may be used for alleviating pain much like CBD and can help in relaxation, boosting immunity, helping you sleep better, etc. Furthermore, a capability in treating opioid dependency and possession of antidepressant characteristics also are reportedly observed in Kratom.


While CBD and Kratom are both known as herbal remedies, they have got their set of differences. CBD is better received, specifically in the United States. It is considered a treatment and has a massively extensive range of uses and benefits. Additionally, it is also known to have very few side effects. Kratom can be a powerful tool for those who need help with pain or opioid dependency, even though it comes with its very own set of side effects when you use it regularly. It is a subjective decision that could vary from individual to individual, depending on their desires and needs. However, CBD does appear to be the more secure alternative of the two, whereas Kratom seems to be equally promising for weight loss.