Quartz Dabber Dab Stick

Quartz Dabber Dab Stick

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Quartz Dabber Dab Stick

Quartz Dabber Stickpure quartz dabber dab stick for dabbing.  If you looking for a new thick pure quartz dabber look no further! We got you covered with quartz dabber dabbing dab stick. We all get clumsy and have those days where we or our friends drop the dabber and it breaks, ours are tough and capable of long lasting use.  Well don’t fret we got you covered for a great quartz dabber stick.  Our quartz are made of 100% Pure Medical Grade Quartz for durable long lasting pleasure.  Everyone needs who smokes knows the devastation of dropping the bowl or dabbert, the disappointment that follows the good memories broken.  So if you are wax smoker and want a tough durable long lasting great dabber for you rig sessions then this one is for you.  These bowls start off colored and as you smoke other colors that were fumed into the glass began to show after it becomes filled with resin.  We source only premium pure 100% quartz. We want your purchase to last and last throughout the years providing you with a long relationship of fun between you and your piece.  Hope that this flower bowl can start building new memories with your current glass bong piece.  No one offers such a great product for such a great price. There are so many places to shop and we are glad you chose us.  if you have any questions or need any help please feel free to call us and ask us anything you need.

1 review for Quartz Dabber Dab Stick

  1. Jacob Harris (verified owner)

    works fantastic and love the sharp point mine has

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