420 Life 100w Digital Touch Screen Mod

Product Description

420 Life Touch Screen 100w Mod with Digital Touch screen

The 420 Life 100w touchscreen mod is perfect for all your mod needs. capable of reaching 100w for long battery life while smoking. This unit uses the standard 510 thread. There are so many places to shop and we are glad you chose us.  if you have any questions or need any help please feel free to call us and ask us anything you need.  State of the art technology in the mod can even keep a count of how many puffs you take so you can finally take full control of you smoking needs.  Find out how much you puff, digitally control every aspect of you mod.  Click on our video tab and watch the video, this mod is truely a state of the art and no other mod comes close to the functionality and control that a user seeks.  Carefully monitor you batter life with several battery markers to allow you to have more information and control.  KNOW YOUR VAPE HABBITS only with this awesome new 100w Touch Screen Mod by 420 Life420-Life-Touchscreen-Mod

  • Standard 510 Thread
  • Different backgrounds that can be changed
  • Fully touch screen mod
  • Charges fast
  • heats up your atomizers or quartz wands fast
  • Can be used with atomizers and OUR QUARTZ WAND


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