Universal Quartz Cube Carb Cap

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Universal Quartz Cube Carb Cap

Quartz Cube Carb Cap

New Quartz Cube Carb Caps for both of our Domeless & Banger quartz nails


Fits all 20mm Diameter or smaller nails

Introducing are all new exclusive Quartz Cube which are far more durable and will definitely outlast the cheap thin one’s and retain a more evenly distributed heat across your nail while maintaining your desired temp longer.   This is the perfect addition to your quartz collection!  Specifically designed to fit all of our nails allowing for lower temps when dabbing.  This is truly our best dabber, not only does it add a little color to your life… but it fits all our nails domeless or a banger, a truly universal carb cap for a truly great experience!  Takes dabbing on quartz to the next level with these colorful Universal Carb Caps!  The flavors that are produced from boro-silicate glass and are much easier and look is much nicer than a plain carb caps.  These Carb Caps have some color and are thick and very reliable & durable they fit both our bangers and domeless nails

Universal Carb Caps preserve your essential oils natural terpenes and create even heat distribution!

Weight 1 oz

4 reviews for Universal Quartz Cube Carb Cap

  1. Mory (verified owner)

    Quality piece!

  2. Nathaniel O. (verified owner)

    Love it

  3. Ben Hubbell (verified owner)

    Works Awesome!

  4. Matt Aboumrad (verified owner)

    I mean it’s a cube, what you see is what you get, the slits for air are nice but I think a pin hole right through the center would be cool too 🤙🏼

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