Sober Up from Weed with CBD – Get Rid of a Weed Hangover

Sober Up from Weed with CBD – Get Rid of a Weed Hangover

Sober Up with CBD – Get Rid of a Weed (THC) Hangover

Get Rid of Your High, Stop Anxiety

Stopping the feeling of weed quicly

If you get a good idea of how long you stay high on average, you’re able to know when to stop smoking so you can be sober when you need to be.

Here are the factors that will control your high:

  • The strain you smoke (THC/CBD Percentages)
  • How much you smoke
  • How you smoked
  • What you’ve eaten
  • Your body height/weight
  • Your Mood
  • And of course, your tolerance

Ever heard of the other popular compound in weed called CBD? Unlike weed, it contains no psychoactivity. That means no matter how much pure CBD you ingest, you will not get high.  Scientists have discovered that CBD acts as a natural counterbalance to the prolonged experience of cannabis.  While a THC molecule will bind directly to different neurological receptors, CBD physically kicks it out. When you consume CBD, it doesn’t make you any less high, but it does reduce the psychoactive component of THC heavy strains. It effectively targets anxiety and panic attacks.

Now, if it were up to me, I’d prefer to stay high all the time. But if we have an important meeting or you get called into work, you’ll wish you knew how to sober up from weed real fast. The problem is, it just doesn’t work like that. There isn’t a button you can press to sober up, but you can use these tips to help you get to a functional level, or calm down, as fast as you can. For some of us we can smoke or eat as much as we like with no side effects, but for others they cannot! Well have no fear light weights…. Now you can smoke or eat all the THC you want, science has found a cure to anyone who needs to end their cannabis trip fast.  Work or Athletics require clarity for most of us, and sometimes we might go have an edible marked 50mg and really its 250mg and we are baked.  Maybe you smoke buds only and your friend who dabs gave you a dab and now you have a meeting with the boss because you a manager! What do you do? THC’s effects don’t just vanish, for some of us it can creep at the wrong time, or cause anxiety if we chose the wrong strain! For some of us Sativa THC can make us anxious and for others Indica THC can make us lethargic or comatose.  New science has proven that CBD can help with both anxiety and THC effect basically nullifying the effects of any form of THC.


  • One way to sober up may seem counterintuitive, but it’s one of the few that’s back by science.
  • While CBD is a cannabinoid, it will reduce your high.
  • The most effective way to use it would be to inhale a CBD oil.
  • CBD works because it blocks the THC from binding to your cannabinoid receptors.
  • If you tend to always get too high when you smoke (paranoia, anxiety, nausea), you might consider switching to CBD heavy strains.|
  • This will help you balance out from the start.

Black Pepper

  • Have you ever heard of β-Caryophyllene?
  • It’s a dietary cannabinoid that is the primary sesquiterpene contributing to the spiciness of black pepper.
  • It’s even found in things like cloves, hops, rosemary and cannabis.
  • What β-Caryophyllene does is reduce your stress and anxiety.
  • So, if you’re feeling too high, and need to sober up quick, you can try to pop a pinch of pepper in your and suck on it.
  • People will also chew on a peppercorn whole if they have them.
    • Some even will use lemon combined with pepper to create a chemical reaction with the cannabis, piperine and limonene that increase the anti-anxiety effects


  • The munchies are a powerful tool to help you feel better when you want to sober up. There are a couple of ways that different foods could kill your THC buzz. The best part about eating is that it also soothes the munchies.
  • First, eating something delicious, whatever that might be, can simply offer a distraction from the high. Spiraling thoughts and anxiety are interrupted. Instead, you find yourself enjoying a delicious sandwich, sitting back and thinking about dessert.
  • More legitimately, sugary sweets like candies and fruit juice, boost blood glucose levels. Scientists have discovered that THC tends to reduce blood sugar levels. This is excellent for pre-diabetics but can also reduce dizzy spells for people who are too high.
  • Finally, eating something fatty like a burger or a piece of pizza may also help with the high. Cannabinoids like THC are fat soluble, and may more quickly metabolize with fatty foods

Cold Shower

  • Nothing like a cold shower to snap you back to reality. Showers, especially the cold variety, are a perfect way to sober up very quickly. Again, it just might come down to offering a sobering distraction, but there could also be more to it.
  • Some researchers have identified something called the mammalian diving theory. When we are exposed to cold water, our body tries to maximise our breathing capacity by pushing blood into our heart and lungs. This is a natural trait that lets us stay submerged for much longer. It also may come in handing during a sobering cold shower

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