Things to Keep In Mind While Getting a Vape Pen? Quality Matters!

Things to Keep In Mind While Getting a Vape Pen? Quality Matters!

What to Consider When Buying a Vape Pen

Vape pens have come a long way over the past few years. Today, they are the ideal option for both cigarette and marijuana users. They offer discrete, ergonomic, and quality experience compared to traditional joints. Studies also indicate that vape pens, particularly e-cigarette pens, contain fewer carcinogens compared to regular cigarettes. There are several brands and models on the market, so finding a vape pen should be a dauntless task. However, finding the best pen will require a few considerations. Here is a brief look at five things to keep in mind when shopping for vape pens.

  1. Type of vape pen

The original vape pen designs suit cigarette smoking. However, modern vape pens are available for vaping various things. When getting a vape pen, it is essential to know precisely what you will use the instrument for. This way, you can narrow your search down to designs made for that specific use. A vape pen that features CBD cartridge is ideal for vaping CBD oil, but can also work with other vape oils and e-juice. Knowing what you want to vape will help you choose the right accessories. For instance, if you intend to vape dry herb, flowers, or other plant categories, you might also need to invest in a grinder.

  1. How the vape pen works

It is essential to know how your vape pen works. According to experts, most vape pens work in two ways to vaporize their content. The first and most popular heating method is conduction. In this method, the e-juice, concentrate or dry herb comes into direct contact with the heating source. Conduction method is perfect for concentrated and e-liquid. Because of the direct contact heating mechanism, your flowers and dry herbs will not burn evenly unless you stir it from time to time. Some designs perform better than others so you can compare different options.

The second heating mechanism is convection. This is a complicated method that involves drawing air, heating it, and filtering through the chamber. It applies heat indirectly to the contents of your vape pen. As such, pens that use conduction are generally expensive. They offer better heat control, even vaporization, and high-quality experience. These options are also perfect if you want to smoke flowers or dry herbs.

Another less popular heating method that is emerging is induction. This method passes heat through magnetic fields before applying it to the contents of your vape pen.

  1. The vaping experience

A lot of variables affect the vaping experience you will get from a vape pen. This includes factors like quality of what you are vaping, environment, vape pen usability, and performance. When choosing a vape pen, you should go through all the crucial aspects before making a purchase. Make sure you purchase your vaping product from reputable dispensaries. Vape pens come in various designs and specifications. Some start automatically when you draw, while others require one to press a button. Others have an automatic cut off. Pens also have different capacities so you should take note of how much content the cartridge tank can hold. This will depend on your vaping frequency and volume. You should also review the overall design, portability, ergonomics, and general sleekness of the vape pen.

  1. Battery life

Modern vape pens come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Some designs require a proprietary 510 connection cable while most can use conventional USB chargers. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on charging and battery life. The battery should also be full before you start using your new vape pen. If you use your vape pen more often, you might need to carry a spare battery just in case the first one runs out of power.

Some pens can last long enough before you need to plug them. The duration will depend on battery size and capacity as well as the frequency of use. It is advisable to choose high-capacity batteries that can last a whole session before running out. Most designs will include information about battery life so you can start there and compare what other users are saying about the vape pen. 5. Size, safety, and portability

Size and portability are a matter of preference. If you want something discrete that easily fits in your pocket, you can consider the smaller vape pen sizes. They are generally ideal for vaping under wraps and can also offer amazing outdoor experiences. You can find desktop vape pens that provide incredible station experience. This is ideal if you like to vape in the comfort of your home. They are more conspicuous and offer the best vaping experience if you are using buds and dry herbs. The smaller discrete versions suit e-liquid and concentrate.

Nevertheless, there is no significant difference other than size, and your choice will largely depend on personal preferences. Safety concerns include the type of material used, mode of heating, quality of coils, and ergonomics. Studies indicate that vaping CBD can have potential medical benefits and fewer risks than conventional smoking. However, you need to use high-quality products that do not feature any harmful compounds that may combine with the vapor you are inhaling.


Choosing a vape pen should be an easy task considering all the technology and designs available on the market. It is recommendable to do a bit of online research before purchasing a vape pen. Choose credible, reputed retailers that can guarantee original quality vape pens from the manufacturer. More importantly, look up reviews and testimonials from actual users of the vape pen. This will give you more accurate insight than the promotional product descriptions you will find on the manufacturer’s website. When it comes to vape pens, there is no single fit for everyone. Therefore, you should outline your unique needs before heading to the market. This way, you will get the best model and quality for your specific vaping needs.


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