Best Way to Dab

Best Way to Dab

Best way to dab

Best Way to DabFirst off ditch your torch.  Then score yourself a 710 Life enail.  an enail provide precise constant temperature.  Take the timer and the guessing out of dabbing..  Know your temperature at all times with no big fluctuation and a constant even temperatures.  By keeping your temperature low steady and even you allow the terpenes (natural aromatics of the plants) to be in full effect.  Enjoy the increase in flavor.  Once you get your enail set to the temp you prefer you can hit that thing any time all day long and its ready when you  are.  The best flavored dabs requires only 2 things, good dabs and our enail!







if you don’t like wires and just want to be able to dab anywhere anytime than pick up an Evolution eNail Erig


710 Life High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - Best enails, Best enail
710 Life eNail – Best enails for dabbing – best enail






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