How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

Dabbing may seem daunting at first, but it’s one of those activities that comes easily once you’ve seen it done. To help ensure your first time goes smoothly, this resource will teach you how to take a dab.

Torch vs Enail

Low Temp Dabs are Best – Controlling Your Precise Temps are Key

You have to be able to know your temp is the same everytime.  Torches and timers can never match the precision of the 710 Life eNail…. Once you set our enail the device is set, you can unplug it, turn it off, what ever you like.  The next time you turn it own it will go to the temperature you set last. The best enail, 710 Life will always stay on top of its job when you are inhaling and passing cool air rapidly over its coil, it quickly sense multiple readings per second to adjust and keep your temp precisely where you wanted it.  Other brands can dip as much as 100°F while inhaling.  Our unit is the only unit with a self calibrate ability, not all PID Controllers were made the same.  Our enail is the best because it’s inner guts are slightly different than all brands out there, we took another approach to SSR Relays and designed ours to last for years of pleasure.

Once you find your sweet spot you will never go back to torches, ever!

Essentially, dabbing is the flash vaporization of cannabis concentrates once applied to a hot surface and inhaled. These concentrates (you’ve maybe heard of sauce, terp sauce, shatter, wax, THC crystals, BHO, dabs, etc.) are a lot more potent than marijuana flowers, so a little bit goes a long way. While bud tends to test between 10 to 33% THC, concentrates typically range between 50% to 99.99% THC.  99.99 THC is in a unique form one only known by the CLEAR group, is now a normal process using laboratory equipment and a great chemist.Depending on the extract type and quality, you will get a variety of effects and flavors or not.  Most of us however “dab” a sticky version ranging from 50%-80% THC.

You can even dab non-intoxicating CBD extracts for quick therapeutic effects with little to no cerebral euphoria, but in some regions these oils can be difficult to find. Slowly CBD is making its way around the globe

Lower and Eliminate – Tars, Carbon, Carbon Dioxide and many other toxic hydrocarbons

Whenever you use combustion with plant materials (smoking weed) you add a lot more tars, carbon deposits, ash, carbon dioxide and so many other noxious and toxic chemicals are created when fire hits leaf material.    But…. when you vape cannabis oil, all plant material, if made correctly by professionals will have a cleaner experience.  The smoke is no longer smoke but rather an vapor (oil steam)

Dabbing technology is evolving, but the traditional setup includes the following items (keep in mind that the appearance of each tool may vary slightly depending on its design):

  1. Cannabis extract. These come in a variety of forms, but the most common ones used for dabbing are BHO, CO2, and solventless extractslike rosin. Don’t dab with alcohol-based extracts, and if you have any doubt at all about the safety of dabbing a particular oil, ask your budtender.
  2. Water pipe or Rig. You can take the glass bowl pieces out and replace them with dabbing attachments to turn your pipe into a dab rig.
  3. A 710 Life nail. Dialing in a precision temperature controlled device will be safest and taste best
  4. A dabber. This is the glass, metal, or ceramic tool used to apply a dab.

Different extracts have different THC concentrations, so it’s helpful to know how potent your oil is before dabbing with it. However, it’s generally recommended to start small and increase the dose if you feel comfortable doing so.  A small dose is no bigger than a crumb. It may not look like much, but that’s still a lot of THC going straight to the dome at once. Dabbing can feel a lot more intense to those accustomed to flower, but as your tolerance adjusts, the effects become less jarring.

The Enail – 710 Life enail…….

E-nails, or electronic nails, are significantly more expensive than standard and dome-less nails, but the investment is often worth it for serious dabbers. They cut out the need for a dome as well as a torch, which is easily the most dangerous element of dabbing. Furthermore, you have full control over your nail’s temperature. This is a fantastic feature if you care about making the most out of flavors and terpenes when you dab.

Why Temperature Matters When Dabbing

So, why is temperature control so important for dabbing? In a single word: terpenes. If you’re unfamiliar with terpenes, they’re the compounds in cannabis that give the plant its unique smell. Although cannabinoids are also extremely sensitive to temperatures, THC and other cannabinoids are odorless, so each strain’s compelling fragrance depends on which terpenes predominate.

Every terpene is unique in the therapeutic benefits it offers and the flavors it produces, and each individual terpene has its own sensitivity to heat, creating unique vaporization points as well. The extraction method used to achieve the oil, shatter, or wax forms of concentrate varieties, as well as the temperature at which you dab or vaporize concentrates, can greatly affect both the flavor profile and the synergy created between the concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes.

Why Dab?

Some of the advantages are obvious. It is a quick and easy way to medicate. There is little smoke so there is less fear of lung damage. We say fear, because modest marijuana smoking has been shown to actually be beneficial for some types of cancer and asthma. dabbing does not smell like Pot, and you’re less likely to offend a neighbor. dabbing is perfect, If you have a chronic condition, like AIDS or severe pain, you will want strong medicine now and not in a while



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