Best Enail Temperature for Dabbing – Temperature Guide for Dabbing

Best Enail Temperature for Dabbing – Temperature Guide for Dabbing

Best Enail Dabbing Temperature

Dabbing Temperature Guide

The best dabbing tips that will dramatically affect your experiece.

  • 0-300°F: Too low Extreme low Temp Dab – 90-99% wastefull
    This will result in minimal vaporization of available cannabinoids and terpenes – you will not be consuming anywhere near all the concentrate dropped on the nail. Expect the concentrate to leave a large puddle of oil that produces little vapor (waste it to taste it).


  • 450-500°F: Very Low temp dab 60-90% wasteful
    This is a sweetter spot for vaporization of all cannabinoids and terpenes while retaining maximum flavor. Dabbing at this temperature will produce a smooth hit that is relatively easy on the lungs. The effects will be pleasant but milder than at hotter temperatures.


  • 550-650°F: Low temp dab very little waste
    This is a perfect range for those seeking both impeccable flavor and strong effect. At this temperature, a mix of vaporization of Both THC CBD CBN TERPENES and many others.  Also noted at this temp Plant Wax, Fats and Lipids will not vaporize on our enail if set


  • 675-700F: Medium temp dab
    This is a nice higher middle ground for those seeking both stronger High and effect, with slighly less terpene action. At this temperature, a mix of vaporization and combustion occurs.


  • 710°F – Huge vapor little flavor and carcinogens are at higher concentrations
    At this temperature, the nail may still be red hot and combustion is certain to occur. This will produce a harsh, intense hit with thick smoke. Most of the flavor will be lost at this temperature, resulting in a dab that tastes slightly burnt.


  • 750+°F: High Temp – 🙁 Burning the dab – Cancer causing agents are made and combustive at this high level
    We don’t recommend taking dabs at this temperature – it is not pleasant nor is it healthy


Flavor Checklist

  1. get a nice rig (that’s personal)
  2. get quality concentrate (thats on you)
  3. use the most awarded the 710 Life e-nail here
  4. use our quartz domeless or quartz banger with a carbcap here
  5. adjusting the coil to properly fit snug around, read this guide here
  6. set enail to a nice low temp 615-630 (be patient don’t rush wait a few miniutes… like a preheated oven it works nicer when all parts are equal in temp)
  7. add just enough concentrate that you can consume it in one sitting, use the carb cap to reflect heat and constrict the air which will cause more vapor for added fun.
  8. clean using an dry or ISO dipped cotton swab

More information on perfecting your enail dabbing experience

Type of Concentrate being used: consider what type of concentrate you are using. Wax and lighter types concentrate will vaporize faster at lower temps than more stable THCA crystals or Sugar type concentrates will. So depending on the concentrate type the temp can make or break the flavor.

Type of material consuming on domeless or banger brand you are using:
consider the size and type of banger you are using. 25 or 30 and clear or opaque. The 30mm will always vaporize more material at a lower temp than the 25 since it has more surface area. However, this can sometimes be too much for some that want a bit less vapor production when dabbing. As for clear vs. opaque bottom. The opaque bottom bangers disperse heat more evenly across their surface, but tend to get dirtier faster due to the nature of the quartz used. The clear bottoms tend to handle dirty material a little better. One is not necessarily better than the other though, most of the choice in respect to clear vs. opaque simply comes down to personal taste. You can pick up a 99.999% pure medical grade quartz here

Fit of the coil tightening is best
: consider the fit of your coil and how good it is. This is beyond critical as the looser the coil to the banger is the harder it is to get those lower temps that we all see people calling out. The banger should fit snug into the coil, but still be able to pull out freely. Refer to the tightening your coil article here.

Type of controller used
: always consider the heat controller you are using. All controllers are not created equal. Some will run a bit higher than others and some will hold more stable. When dealing with your controller just feel it out, it all ends up going back to preference. What temp tastes and feels the best on the controller you use may be higher or lower than somebody else’s just because the controllers are set up different.  if your brand controller jumps huges numbers while you are inhaling your need a better brand, like our 710 Life eNail.

Dab Rig being used: consider the rig you are using and how much drag and air agitation it does. Less agitation and airflow can help increase the flavor and vapor production and also help to lower your temps.

Carb cap you are using: 
consider how restrictive or nonrestrictive the cap you are using is to the airflow. More restriction means lower temps and thicker vapor production (typically).

to read a more detailed article click here