Cannabis Vaping: All You need to know!

Cannabis Vaping: All You need to know!

cannabis vaping

Cannabis Vaping: All You need to know!


With increased legalization of cannabis, it’s time to know the basics of consuming weed. Like how to consume weed, how long does a high last, what’s it like to get high. People are now open to try cannabis for recreational as well as for medical reasons. Many are looking for what’s the best ingestion method. For beginners, the best way to start is by using vaporizers. They are easily available and are very economical.

So, what is vaping? Vaping is the intake of vapor through inhaling and exhaling using an e-cigarette or similar device. With the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, vaping has gained a lot of attention. Common vaping devices are vape pens (look like large fountain pens), and advanced personal vaporizers/MODS.

Making a Vaporizer work

Vaporizer consists of a cartridge for the e-liquid or e-juice, attached to a mouthpiece running in a battery. Most common vaporizers are vape pens. Turning on the device heats the battery which converts the e-liquid into an aerosol which you then inhale through the mouthpiece into the lungs. Not all vape pens work the same. Some vape pens use convective heating where they heat the air below the plant material. This hot air then goes around and through the weed and releases THC, CBD and other cannabinoids in the air.

Other kinds of vape pens use conductive heating which works by heating up the weed directly through a metal plate or chamber. It then releases cannabinoids in the vapor when the weed touches the hot surface. The e-liquid consists of vegetable glycerin-based liquid propylene glycol with nicotine and other chemicals but not tobacco. Both conductive and convective vaping devices have their pros and cons. Conductive heating is cheaper while convective heating fails to maintain a stable air temperature around the herb. Therefore, you can use a device that has a combination of both.

Ways to Vape Weed

The stationary vaporizers are big machines that work on electricity. They are usually put on a flat surface like a table. The vaping device varies from model to model and may use either a plastic balloon or a small hose. In the case of vaporizers with a balloon model, you can inhale the vapor when the balloon gets automatically inflated. While if the vaporizer is a hose, then, you can inhale the vapor through the hose directly. Vaping weed is very easy. Put the weed on the surface, or in the chamber, and plug in the vaporizer. Then set the desired temperature and turn on the electricity. Once the chamber with weed is hot enough you can inhale the vapor.  If you are a dabber check out our eNails which are used for vaping wax.

Using a Vape Pen

Vape pens are similar to an electronic cigarette. They work on battery. Before using, charge the battery and fill the desired material in it. Vaporizers come in different varieties and are small in size. So, it’s important that you read the instruction manual that comes with it before using it to understand the various features like turning it on and controlling it. Vape pens need not be only meant for cannabis, but some of them can be used for cannabis concentrates. However, do check the instructions or call the manufacturer if you are unsure about its usage.

The Feeling of a High

Most of the cannabis strains after vaping will make you feel light-headed or pressure in the eyes. Although the intensity and type of head rush depend on which type of cannabis strain you are using. On the other hand what you experience while vaping strongly depends on various factors, in fact, little to do with the drug sometimes. Factors like your frame of mind while using it, how sensitive you are to the surrounding, your feelings about the people you are vaping with and the place where you are having it.


Commonly cannabis users talk about the feeling of getting dizzy and zoning out. Cherish moments like these as it can be extremely calming. You should note that the terpene and cannabinoid composition of a particular cannabis strain determines the amount of high that it can produce when smoked. As an example, the cannabis indica varieties contain a terpene called myrcene which is responsible for the “couch lock” type of high that is great for relaxing and going to sleep. Whereas, the cannabis sativa strains are more known for creating energizing and uplifting moods that go well with physical activities and while working on creative projects. The way to identify a sativa strain from an indica strain is that sativa leaves are narrow and short. The indica strains, on the other hand, have short and broad leaves.


Duration of a High

Now, this completely depends on how much, how long, and what type of weed you vaporized. For beginners, like first-time vapers, it can last for one to four hours. But in the case of edible cannabis, the high lasts for six to eight hours. And that’s the reason you shouldn’t try edible cannabis until you have tried cannabis vaporizer once.


Hope this article was helpful in answering most of your questions on vaping. Vaping is better than smoking as it’s easier to control the high in a vaporizer. Keep in mind that you should not vape and drive since cannabis stays in your system long even after the high feeling leaves you. With the growing popularity, awareness of cannabis, and its long list of benefits, many people are opting to cultivate cannabis using pocket-friendly budget buds which are readily available online.


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