Do I need an eNail?

Do I need an eNail?

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Do I Need an eNail? Should I Buy an eNail

Enails are technological innovation

Enails are technological innovation, but so too are they an investment. Here’s all you need to know before splurging.

The dabbing game is getting more and more high tech each day. Color-changing bangers, intricate percolators, and even enails are all a part of the professional dabber’s repertoire. Not everything that’s advertised is as helpful as it looks, but with all the buzz around the enail, we can’t help but delve into whether or not this invention is worth the investment.

Is Owning an e-nail right for you? The technology is highly recommended for anyone who plans on enjoying cannabis concentrates long-term, and for those who wish to save money on butane costs over time.  E-nails are also terrific for social dabbers who plan to distribute lots of dabs over a long time span. For gatherings and events where there can be a supervised tasting station (such as festivals or trade shows), electronic nails are perfect to have around in order to keep the dabs coming.

An enail is an ingenious addition to any dabber’s collection. It’s a foolproof method for reaching the perfect temperature, without ever having to use a torch. Enails entered the dabbing scene   just a few years back. Short for electronic nail, it was a response to the demand for a gadget that makes vaporizing concentrates that much simpler. What with a torch, a timer and a load of patience, dabbing can be a tedious process.As far as engineering goes, it’s not an overly complicated tool. Most setups include a controller box that sends a signal through a coil to heat up. This coil is attached to a dab nail, thus heating up the rig appropriately. Since an enail allows you full control over the temperature, you can simply enter your desired level of heat and wait for it to reach the set number.


Overall, an enail lets you bring your banger up to speed automatically and maintain optimal temperature as long as you need.


Terpy Flavor fans will

Flavor fans will also find incredible value in the smart brain controlled temperature-maintaining consistency of an e-nail. There simply isn’t a better mechanismj in existence for ensuring optimal temperatures.  The eNail dab wins hands down will consistancy of perfectly dialed in temperature that stay steady.  The 710 Life eNail is the most consistant temperature at the most important time…..when you are inhaling the temperature is maintained almost unchained.  While other brand can see huge flux and drops in temp with these other brand when inhaling!

On the other hand, these nails are not recommended for negligent dabbers, and should always be respected and used with caution. E-nails can also be costly up front and aren’t very portable. If you’re a novice looking to get into cannabis concentrates for the first time, it’s highly recommended you first outfit yourself with a torch. Although the e-nail deserves its place in every connoisseur’s dab station


Best Portable eNail eRig



If you understand what an enail is a little more its time to make a choice between portable enails and desktop enails to learn more of which type of enail is best for your style click here




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