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510 Thread Quartz Heating Wand
Flameless Windproof Quartz Lighter

510 Thread Quartz Lighter510 Thread Quartz Lighter and Vaporizer is unique in every way and will provide you with the most flavorful hit in comparison to a lighter.  First it uses Quartz as the element that touches what you are going to smoke and as we all know Quartz is all the rage.  Flavor and Safety come hand in hand when smoking from quartz or using any thing made of quartz.  This 510 Thread Quartz Lighter and Vaporizer literally with a few 10 second warm ups you’ll be ready.  Using a circular motion with the 510 Thread Quartz Lighter when its red hot rubbing or tapping your object you want to smoke and your good to g. Second it uses NO GAS so you will not be adding any hydrocarbons, chemicals, or burned gas to your valuable favorable blend.  Third its battery operated which means it’s portable 🙂 and it charges by USB and comes with an AC adapter.  This lighter is perfect for those of us who don’t want to use any gas to contaminate their smoke.  Perfect for those that are on the go and need a dependable way to light stuff without gas.  All gas contaminates the flavor.  The taste of herbs lit with this 510 Thread Quartz Lighter and will definitely taste better than a lighter or torch

  • Get the fullest most flavorful hit in comparison to a lighter
  • Using a regular lighter contains carcinogens, ours does not add to the carcinogens intake
  • avoid burning fingers when packing and pushing your bowl, you can use the same tip to do that with our quartz lighter
  • windproof
  • Proprietary Battery Pack (Logo Engraved)
  • 1 510 Thread Quartz lighting tip Standard Thread
  • USB cable
  • USB AC Adapter



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  • Turning on the Quartz Lighter and Vaporizer by pressing the large square 5x times.  (This is a safety feature to prevent kids from accessing it)
  • The lighter heats for 10 seconds at a time by pressing the silver square button and holding down, after you have turned it on
  • To smoke with this Quartz Lighter and Vaporizer simply hold down the silver square button for 10s
  • repeat this 3x times to ensure a hot tip.  Now touch it to your product while holding it down the 4th time.
  • The lighter will be able to light any time you press the square until you shut it off
  • To turn it off press the silver square 5x Times otherwise it will stay in standby ready for use
  • Enjoy the fullest most flavorful hit in comparison to a lighter
  • 510 Standard Thread size

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