710 Life ™ Domeless Quartz Carb Cap w/ Dabber

Product Description

Quartz Carb Cap for Domeless

Domeless Quartz Carb Cap

Carb Caps for our Domeless Nail

Our exclusive 710 Life domeless quartz carb cap  are more durable and will definitely outlast the cheap thin one’s and retain a more evenly distributed heat across the quartz while maintaining your desired temp longer.   Our domeless quartz carb cap is the perfect addition to your quartz domless collection!  If you are in the 710 scene you know how popular quartz nails are.  Get your 710 Life domeless quartz quartz carb cap and see what all the quartz fuss is all about!  Specifically designed to fit all of our domeless allowing for lower temps when dabbing.  Takes dabbing on quartz to the next level! Domeless Quartz Carb Caps for our Quartz Nails are all the rage!  The flavors that are produced from quartz are much accurate and full of delicious flavor and their look is much nicer.  Carb caps bounce back the heat and allow for the oils to vaporize much more evenly.

Domeless Quartz Carb caps preserve your essential oils natural terpenes and create even heat distribution!

6 reviews for 710 Life ™ Domeless Quartz Carb Cap w/ Dabber

  1. Brian C. (verified owner)

    No issue with the product and works fine. I prefer the ti carb cap for the triple og nail as I’m clumsy, dropped the cap within 15 minutes of use, and broke it. Plus, the ti carb cap is really the one designed for the triple og nail anyway. Lesson learned and I think it would help if the site listed which products are intended to be used with others. I know some are interchangeable and some aren’t.

  2. Vance (verified owner)

    Work great looks awesome.

  3. steve (verified owner)

    open it up & dropped in on the floor glad it didnt break

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)


  5. Adam L. (verified owner)

    Accidentally ordered this carb cap, however it does a decent job.

  6. mnelson220 (verified owner)

    I really love this carb cap- my favorite!! But I keep breaking mine but if you are not clumsy like myself, this is the greatest carb cap

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