Vented Spinning Carb Cap 30mm

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Vented Spinning Carb Cap 30mm

Vortex Air Flow Spinning Carb Cap

 New Flame Polished 

you’ve seen the rest, it’s time for the best.  Other’s simply make a spinning carb cap with a hole in it and sell it to  you, no talent there, nothing special…… but our blowers pride themselves on innovative strategies to the consumption of cannabis concentrates.  Our all new spinning vented cab is thick and reliable.   It’s also very versatile, fitting 30mm bangers


This is our 710 Life Vented Spinning Carb Cap are more durable and will definitely help retain a more evenly distributed heat across the quartz while maintaining your desired temp longer and airflow is in a circular motion for added benefits to vaporization. .   Our Vented Spinning Carb Cap is the perfect addition to your quartz banger collection!  If you are in the 710 scene you know how popular quartz nails are.  Get your 710 Life Slanted banger quartz quartz carb cap and see what all the quartz fuss is all about!  Specifically designed to fit all of our banger allowing for lower temps when dabbing.  Takes dabbing on quartz to the next level! These Vented Spinning Carb Cap for our Quartz Nails are all the rage, and they don’t have a dab stick attached to break off!  The flavors that are produced from quartz are much accurate and full of delicious flavor and their look is much nicer.  Carb caps bounce back the heat and allow for the oils to vaporize much more evenly.

Vented Spinning Carb Cap preserve your essential oils natural terpenes and create even heat distribution!

Weight 1 oz

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