What is an eNail Kit?

What is an eNail Kit?

What all the hype is surrounding the eNail Kit?

An eNail Kit is a dabbers best friend…. As technology improving on every aspect of our lives, there’s bound to be something that’s safer and easier to heat your quartz banger or titanium nail for dabbing other than holding a dangerous super high-temperature thingy like the butane torch. That’s we invented the 710 Life E-nails  and now everyone wants an enail kit or enails . it’s very simple to use a lot safer device that allows for precision control of your temperatures. It’s not exactly rocket science, the working mechanism is relatively simple, in this 420Life Wiki we’ll show you what makes an enail dab kit and why should it become the next big thing in the dabbing game.

Think of your coffee machine or water heater, they all have at least one PID controller in them, so you can have the perfect shower or a nice cup of coffee,  PID controllers are in everything.

710 Life PID Controller



An eNail dab kit consists of a PID Controller in an enail dab kit is responsible for adjusting the temperature of the coil using the dials on the control panel, by connecting to the thermocouple temperature sensor that was built-in the heating coil, the display panel can show you the temperature rising or dropping in real-time. It’s the “brain” of the whole dab kit.

The standard connection joint of the controller is the 5 pins Mini XLR female joint, which means there is a lot of space for modifying and customizing your equipment when you get the hang of it.

There is an on/off switch on the back of the unit (this only applies to 710 Life controllers, other manufacturers might place the button/switch on the front or the side of the unit), when it’s switched on it’ll start working and vice versa.





Heating Coil

Heating Coil



Heating Coil: As the opposite to the PID controller’s 5 pins XLR female joint, the heating coil has a male one that’s used to connect to PID controller.

The size of the coil comes typically in two sizes: 16mm and 20mm. Two different sizes for fitting the 16mm or 20mm quartz banger or the titanium nail. Since quartz banger’s catching on and more dabbers prefer the pure taste that the quartz bangers bring, and quartz bangers require more space of the chamber(due to the thickness of the quartz material) to vaporize the cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, rosin and more, the typical coil size for quartz bangers for enails is 20mm.







As we mentioned above, the heating coil contains a thermocouple temperature sensor in it, so it can send real-time data of the temperature of the coil back to the PID unit and tell you the temperature of the coil at the moment.

A heating coil works like any home-use appliances that use thermal short circuit mechanism to heat stuff like your hair dryer or the toaster, a strong but controlled current of electricity caused a thermal short circuit in the coils so it will start to heat itself immediately and pass the heat to the quartz banger or the titanium nail. The heating process is gradual and controllable makes the enail safer to use than a butane torch.

Power Cable

US AC Plug eNail
USA AC Power Plug eNail



Power Cable: The power cable connects to both the PID controller and the power socket or wall plug, it’ll come in different plug format depending on which country you’ll be using the enail kits.




Quartz Banger




Quartz Banger: Just like any typical quartz banger or titanium nails out there that is used for dabbing, the working mechanism of the dab nails that are used on an enail kit is the same: there will a heat source to pass the heat to the bangers, when they are heated to around 500°F and up, you can place the concentrates in and it will vaporize. Quartz dab nails that are designed to fit the enail heating coil will have a little handle like bar on the right side of the tube to place the heating coil






Titanium Nail

enail coilTitanium Nail a titanium dab nail screw off the top plate, place the heating coil in the middle of the nail and then screw the top plate back again. Both dab nails are easy to assemble. As we mentioned, the bangers need to fit the heating coil, so you need to measure the size of your old ones before purchasing a new one. The barrel-shaped heating coil will wrap around the quartz banger/titanium nail to pass the heat to them. It is not necessarily to be a very snug fit, as we all know that materials will expand when exposing to heat so a very tight fit may break your quartz dab nail when heating and it can be dangerous.





Once you’ve attached the heating coil to your quartz banger/titanium nail, then you can insert them in your favorite dab rig to enjoy you tasty dabs!











An enail dab kit is usually made or assembled by these parts:

  • The PID Controller 
  • Heating Coil 
  • Power Cable 
  • Quartz Banger/Titanium Nail that Fits The Size Of The Heating Coil
  • Dab Rig(If you purchased a bundle)

PID controller: PID stands for proportional–integral– derivative, a very commonly used mechanism, many of our home-use electric appliances use this mechanism to control temperature, flow, speed, pressure etc.