Most Awarded eNail Brand Ever Made

We have the best flavored dabs and hugest vapors from our enail products.  Whether you’re a OG dab-head or a modern connoisseur of all the latest high tech, when it comes to dabbing, you don’t mess around with sub par devices or copy cats like mini nail, Bee-Nails, Yodabadaba , or puffing bird.  710 Life & High Five Vape have been smashing it long before those brands even were made.  710 Life has all the awards for excellence, the rest have none.   Enails have changed the game whether we are talking the 710 Life Enail, the original in the game for over 10 years and  counting…. Evolution Portable enail beats even the newest contenders to the portable battery powered enail market and AC powered enail market.  We have heard the community for years and have worked for many years on our finally released 710 Life EVOLUTION eNail

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

if you’re an orignal OG dabber, you know the industry has changed a lot and is growing faster than ever… Keeping up with all the new tech has never really seemed like a priority for you.  Your methods are tried, tested and true by your standards…. but a lot has changed since the blow torch!   AC Powered eNails like any brand mentioned above has seens its better days…. not because the torch is better… never!  The Evolution Intelligent portable eNail eRig is all the rave.  Now get the cleanest flavors far exceeding ANY AC POWERED ENAIL BRAND OR TORCH.  Clouds as big as a Torch flavor tastier than an AC Powered enail.  Now in the palm of your hand only by 710 Life! The Evolution enail is a game changer, sending all of our competitors back to the drawing board.  A traditional torch/dab rig won’t ever get you the consistency you deserve.  The temp of a hot quartz nail drops fast the moment the heat is removed and large dabs can cause pooling, and reheats have no good flavor, and there is no way of controlling a 3500F torch orther than timing.  With the torch you risk burning  your concentrates, yourself , yoour home or other dangers

Next the 710 Life AC Powered Micro eNail which is the most awarded AC Powered enail ever made.  It has many positive things:  it works all day all night with perfectly dialed temps, it cannot heat as fast as our portable and is not going to work in a power outage, but if you have electricity it works all day great for parties and provides a pretty awesome dabbing experience filled with terps

eNails Bring Dialed in Heating Perfection

We mentioned temprature control so let’s talk about why its so important.  one word and one word only TERPS, that’s where all the flavor is! It’s no secret that a flaming hot dab will work quickly and intensely , so its common for those looking for immmediate relief, but if you’re looking to get the best and most out of your concentrates, lower-temperature dabbing will actually take you higher and tastier.  You’ll preserve your terpenes they way they were meant to be.  The hits are smoother and more comfortable on the  throat.  The higher terpene levels interact with the other components to provide a well balanced feeling with supreme taste.

Designed for the Daily Dabber

If you dab throughout the day your main priority is to get a perfect dab and quickly.  If you got that bomb suace you know quality matters with your extracts and it means the same with your enail brand.  Choose it Well! Our enails are the most awards in the industry and no AC powered brand shows their awards because they don’t have any. 

Now for the Intelligent Portable GAME CHANGING eNail

Thats where the 710 Life Evolution Intelligent Portable eNail eRig comes in. Super fast consistant heat, perfect terpenes, huge vapors.  No longer do you have to worry about any complicated tricky fragile setups.  This setup was made to travel and rip that sauce up.  Removable batteries mean you can stock up and charge several for a long AC free camping trip or rave or club party.

710 Life Micro Enail

Best e-Nail of 2020. what is an Enail?

Simply put, an ENail is a device typically used for vaporizing prescription cannabis extracts. This is most commonly referred to as dabbing or dabs.
Enails – how they can change your life
Toss the torch and pick up the 710 LIFE™ ENAIL. The fastest heating highest quality eNail on the market today. Our product is 3x times faster than any other brand guarenteed. our palm sized eNail is small yet built for hard core dab competitions, constant everyday use and daily dabbing. Our enail is designed, engineered, and shipped from Los Angeles, California. Low constant consistent temperatures allow you to get the most flavor and medicinal effects our of your essential oils and concentrates. No more waiting for the torched nail to cool and feeling for the right temperature. Be certain everytime your nail is always ready to go at the temperature you desire. put down the torch and get our enail FOR A

The best dabbing experience is dabbing with an eNail !

Enails and the effectiveness of an e-nail.

if your looking for an e-nail you have come to the right place. Our e-nail are the safest on the market. Unlike others, ours contain safety features. Our e-nails contain a fuse for your safety and come with rubber pads to prevent grounding, slipping, or scratching surface of your furniture. We make the best quality products you can find. Get yours today and see what you’ve been missing.

Let’s talk about safety as safety should always be kept in mind! Our e-nails are the only ones that have a fuse to protect you. Our temperature controller has some safety features built in. Something Some kits fail at providing. When the whip is not attached or a wire has become damaged the controller will report this back to the user as “EEEE” and preventing shock and fires due to exposed or damaged cable.

Next is features. Memory, with on-board memory remembers your favorite preset temp even when unplugged. My personal best reason to own an e-nail is flavor. When it comes to flavor lower temps are best for flavor and being able to set your temperature with digital accuracy is crucial to maximizing flavor and vapor . Overheating any essential oil destroys the valuable medicinal properties and terpenes. once you find your perfect temperature, your done it’s on-board memory! Every time you turn on our e-nails it will remember what you like. just turn on the power switch and it will heat up to your pre-programmed temperature. No one likes to set the temperature every time they plug in their e-nail in. Our e-nails will remember your favorite temperature, just set it and forget it!

We have been selling and manufacturing for years and have gotten to be the leading brand on the market today! Get yours today and start seeing what everyone else is talking about. Enails dramatically enhance the flavor and essence of your dabbing experience. Enails are truly the way of the future and are simple to use. Just plug them in set the temp and your good to go dab away! True dabbers know the benefits of their e-nails, get yours and start enjoying yours today!
A growing tool in the 710 world of concentrate dabbing. An E-nail are portable, less dangerous and overtime are far less expensive than purchasing gas tanks constantly.
Enail aromatherapy is healthy !
Portability is very important, some e-nails are bulky and cumbersome, our e-nails are small, compact and durable. The titanium nail that our kit includes is universal and fits all water pipe and oil rigs out there! Whether you have 10mn 14mm 19mm male or female it doesn’t matter our one titanium nail does it all.
Price is another important factor, our e-nail is the best priced e-nail around. We manufacturer and sell so many units that we can easily offer you the best e-nails for the best prices!
Enails are catching on quickly for many reasons as you can see. No e-nail is complete without a carb cap so make sure to grab one of them. If you prefer to smoke from quartz we offer Quartz bangers for our e-nail. E-nails are especially useful for dabbing parties where there is a need for a constant hot nail ready to go.



Dabbing with enails help keep an even temperature throughout your session, preserving your delicious terpenes from your oils and medicinal value. After using an e-nail for dabbing you will not go back to using a torch.

Exactly how much do you spend on butane every month?

Enails are available all over the web, are you interested in buying a reliable and affordable electronic e-nail unit without holding out on quality?
Do you wish to spend less while greatly improving your experience with dabbing oil?
Are you interested in having control over the temperature at all times?
Do you want to keep the temperature stored after every session?


710 Life Enails are unique units that heat your wax or oil to its ideal medical temperature without losing any medicinal value or flavor by having to use a torch. Easy to use with any dab rig. Using it with a recycler rig on a lower temperature setting can deliver some of the smoothest hits!

Just turn it on, set your temperature with the up and down buttons and start dabbing! This e-nail will store your temperature on its on-board memory chip! The 710 LIFE electronic nail is the hands down one of the most affordable enails on the market in 2016 and much needed when vaporizing essential oils. Enjoy having control over the exact temperature that you’re dabbing at.

The 710 LIFE e-nail is guaranteed to pay for itself, no more running to the store for more butane, with the 710 LIFE e-nail unit those times are done and over with. With the 710 Life E Nail dabbing is very simple to use for Wax & Essential Oils.. Much more compact than carrying a torch and butane around with you.

Stop overheating your oils! This e-nail has a digital LCD temperature controller to display the temperate. Hot spots are no longer a problem with this e-nail! Heat up your nail with the included coil designed specifically for the 710/420 scene. Start enjoying the taste and terpenes from your concentrate.

Why buy 710 Life e-Nail by 420 life?

First off we are the only AC Powered Enail to ever win a High Times Cannabis Cup Best Product Award! Our Enail is the fastest heating enial on the market, PERIOD! All of our units are made with you in mind. The wiring is soldered and shrink wrapped in the unit’s connections. Our top-rated customer service can quickly assess your problem, so rest assured you will be taken care of if anything goes wrong. Simply contact us through our official customer support on our product website.\and we’ll be more than happy to help. Step into the future of future and experience what everyone else is talking about.

The easy to use temperature control helps keep your e-nail at a constant temperature throughout your session. You’ll finally be able to truly taste the terps in your oil. Setting the right temperature is a must for a smooth hit. Lower temperatures offer smoother hits, while higher temperatures are better for more clouds.

This unit is meant for aromatherapy with organic essential oils and extracts. It’s as easy as plugging it in and setting your desired temperature. After waiting for the unit to heat up, you’re ready to go! Many other e-nails companies don’t offer customer support, but with the 710 Life E-nail you can rest assured that all your issues will be resolved. Join the revolution and purchase your own e-nail kit today!
















Who invented the Enail?

if you want to know who invented the eNail… D Nail was the first company to take this technology and apply it to concentrates.  PID technology has been around for decades and is used in various manufacturing of goods from food to plastics.  D Nail, although being first, designed a rather large box several times larger than ours.  To this day their smallest enail looks identical to our old rectangular version.  So we want to give them their credit. After all if your using one of our small rectangular boxes or our micro mini enail, and dabbing in enojoyment, you can thank them for creating a need for better!

710 Life Enail BlueWe listen, learn, invent and create…….

Who invented the eNail , here in blue, we did.  We designed the first small rectangular enail case.  We wanted something different.  We disliked the D Nails size, we loved their noble idea, but it was super large, not portable in our opinion and never really changed much over the years.  Now their smallest enail looks like our old rectangle one.  The cannabis industry is a fast paced moving crowd, technology changes, new manufacturing techniques constantly need to be updated and addressed.  We saw a field that need help, and we stepped up to the plate.

As for the type of eNail that almost every AMERICAN DABBER uses… that would be  us, we invented that style.
We invented the slim rectangular aluminum box enail…… and ever since then dozens of Chinese manufactures and American branded enails have all appeared to be sporting our design. We are flattered by all the copycats but… we once again had to separate ourselves from the common pack. Our brand is the only brand with multiple awards while the other guys are still trying to earn their first award, yet no other brand has.  Go check their sites, check their socials, NO AWARDS, and some of these guys have the nerve to charge more? what for? for a 710 Life imitation ?

We had enough of the nut sac hanging!

710 Life Micro Mini eNail - Best Enail
710 Life Micro Mini eNail – Best Enail

We decided to reinvent the wheel and literally change the entire shape, size, and speed and sockets giving our Chinese copy cats and American branded copy cats another thing to catch up on.  We redesigned this unit to make it truly a sexy enail in your room not some year 2000 old design.  This the best eNail of 2018, sleek, sexy, powerfully accurate!  We even shrunk the coils sockets, giving you a more easier to detach coil and smaller for your convenience.  We wanted it to be light, smooth edged and appealing to the eye.  We did not want to put the mini XLR coil connection in the rear like some other brands do, we kept the cable where you need it most, next to the LED display and behind your rig where it belongs.  If your looking for the smallest sexiest fastest enail out there, pick up our ALL NEW 710 Life Micro Mini eNail





710 Life High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - Best enails, Best enail
710 Life eNail – Best enails for dabbing – best enail

Now you know who invented the eNail for dabbing and now you know who perfected the enail 🙂

710 Life High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - Best enails, Best enail
710 Life eNail – Best enails for dabbing – best enail
710 Life High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - Best enails, Best enail
710 Life eNail – Best enails for dabbing – best enail

With so many smoking accessories on the shelves it’s difficult to differentiate between the quality of the products. When it comes to an eNail, most are familiar with a large, bulky contraption that takes up a lot of room. However, as time has gone on the products have luckily decreased in size.  710 Life has designed products especially for you. We put a lot of thought into what we sell, and we know you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. You may not know which eNail is best for you, but that’s where our expertise lies. Our eNails are clean and easy to use over and over again. Dabbing has grown in popularity and we are making sure to keep up with the rythm of the market by offering you new and improved products.  

Why Buy an eNail from 710Life

The 710 Life eNail is very compact and can fit in the palm of your hand. If on the go it can easily be put in a purse or backpack, and doesn’t take up a large amount of room. Our eNail is made of quality titanium that does not have any impurities. Iron and other materials unsuitable for these accessories can be found in other companies products. Our product is also backed by a third party lab test to ensure the quality. The eNails are designed, engineered, assembled and packed in Los Angeles, CA. Our designs are extremely durable to our developers, and we take pride in that.

Best email, 710 Life eNail color choices
Best enail; 710 Life eNail Color Choices

Enails Can Be for Anyone

Many people find enjoyment in smoking, and we understand there is always a search to find new and different products. Why not have something extremely convenient on hand? This is why we have downsized in terms of our eNail. Our product is safer and higher quality compared to others offered. You can rest assured you are receiving something that is the safest on the market.

Contact For More Information on the 710 Life Brand

If you’re curious about the eNail we offer and have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (833) 710-5433. It is in our best interest that our customers are fully educated on our products and how to use them properly. We would be delighted to help you find the perfect accessory for your needs. Our shipping is very discreet and we are very flexible with returns and cancellations. We also offer world-wide shipping, so anyone in the world can enjoy our awesome products.

Technology always brings new forms of entertainment and ways to enjoy universal products everybody knows. Smoking has been changed completely, and so did the use of cannabis with the advent of enails.These amazing devices allow you to save money and make the whole enjoyment much less toxic. To get the best of such experience, you should consider buying the best enails online at our 420 life online store.

710 Life was founded in 2013, the owner have been involved in the cannabis industry since 1992, and we are proud to say we are pioneers in this industry. We develop and manufacture custom aromatherapy enails. They are used to maintain a stable warming and dispersion of your aromatherapy oils. Our products are very durable, compact and ready for use in less than a minute. Along with our enails, we always come up with new ideas, accessories and tools to fit our client’s needs.

Understanding enails and how they work

Portable e-nails have been around for a few years now. Also known as eRigs, these devices arose right after the cannabis concentrate scene started to take off. An eNail is basically a controller box that delivers heat through a coil that is connected with the nail. The box allows to manipulate the temperature to the nail. Thus, the user can regulate the heat to their rig with a button. So you can turn the device on, set a temperature of your choice and wait until it reaches such temperature.

The Best Enails

There are several benefits of using enails. First of all, you get an unprecedented control of heat on your concentrates. This reduces the risk of getting either the plastic taste of a burned out dab or the poor vapor you get when it’s too cold. You also avoid using butane as a regular input. Our enails can be ready within the minute and can last for hours. They keep the desired temperature without need of re-torching.

Buy The Best Enails Online Today!

When we say we deliver the best enails, it is not just a marketing slogan. Our units are the only AC powered enails to win HTTC Awards twice. We are the number one choice for precise stable temps. Users can get the best of their concentrates by having ultimate control of the temperatures. Our online platform features more than 80 enails and accessories, which makes 710 Life’s one of the leaders in the industry.

If you’re looking for high-quality enails and accessories, please browse our website. We also supply wholesalers and distributors. If you want to contact us directly, please call (833) 710-5433.


710 Life High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - Best enails, Best enail
710 Life eNail – Best enails for dabbing – best enail



710 Life High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - Best enails, Best enail
710 Life eNail – Best enails for dabbing – best enail

710 Life High Times Cannabis Cup Winner - Best enails, Best enail