Why Is It safer To Use An Enail Dab Kit Instead Of A Butane Torch?

Why Is It safer To Use An Enail Dab Kit Instead Of A Butane Torch?

Why Is It safer To Use An Enail Dab Kit Instead Of A Butane Torch?

As dabbing becoming more and more popular in the cannabis community, it’s considered to be one of the most healthy ways of using cannabis, the whole process is clean and combustion-free, you can use any solvent or solventless cannabis concentrate of your choice and using various types of equipment to heat and vaporize it.

Today we will be discussing why is it safer to use an enail dab kit instead of a butane torch. Most of the dabbers use a butane torch to heat the quartz bangers or titatium nails to their desired temperature and dab since the beginning of the whole dabbing scene. However, as we all know, butane torch can get extremely hot and very dangerous to operate even when you are at your normal state, not to mention trying to operate something that generates that much heat while high. Things can get quite messy.


A new way of vaporizing your cannabis concentrates was brought to the cannabis community in around 2014, the technology is being called, as we know today, Electronic Nail, e nail or enail. The device normally includes 2 essential parts: The PID controller which controls the temperature of the heating coil, and the heating coil itself, typically uses an XJR connection to connect with the PID controller. There are even portable enails  that you can take on trips if you want, the portable enails works quite similar to the desktop enails but Desktop still are king for flavor and always on capabilities! it’s like a compact version of everyday enails, we will write about the benefits of using a portable enail someday.


Now let’s break down a few points why using an enail dab kit is far safer, cleaner and more efficient than using a butane torch to dab.

Butane Torches Are Hazardous To Use

As we mentioned earlier, the butane torch can generate a massive amount of heat while in use, how much heat exactly? According to Wikipedia, the typical home use air butane torch when in use, the tip of the flame’s temperature can reach approximately 2,610 °F (1,430 °C).  It’s hot enough to melt a wide range of common metal such as gold, copper and steal, not to mention any organic compounds. You could easily heat the nails over 1000°F if you are not careful, and the result of that is you might burn your concentrates almost immediately once you put them in, the vaporization process will be so rapid, even when you didn’t burn the material it will definitely lose all its organic flavor and taste horrible, the solvent-based concentrates might even generate harmful elements under that extreme heat and damage your health.

When you are using your torch to heat the nail, you need to move the flame all around the quartz banger or titanium nail in order to spread the heat more evenly, that could be dangerous for the clumsy dabbers out there, especially for the first time dabbers, you’ll inevitably point the butane torch at yourself at some point, you could easily ignite your shirt if you are too close.

A torch could mean bad news for your dab rigs as well, especially when you are using a titanium nail, the heat will conduct from the nail to the dab rig or your bong’s joint at a very rapid rate, the nail can be heated to more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit easily if you are inexperienced, the joint won’t be able to stand temperature that high for that long, it’ll break in front of your eyes! You can always use an adaptor as a solution, but unfortunately, the adaptor seems to be fragile as well so you might need to replace it once in a while just to be safe.

Why Are The Enail Dab Kits Safer?

Using an enail dab kit could solve almost all problems you’ll have using a butane torch.

First of all, you are in total control of the temperature when you use an e nail. Just simply put in the temperature you desired into the PID controller. Since the heating coil is equipped with a thermocouple temperature sensor it will heat the banger exactly to the temperature that you’ve index and stay at that temp for multiple dabs if you want. We would recommend 300~500°F for low-temperature dabs and 500~700°F for high time dabs. Even though 710 Life enail kits are capable of reaching over 700°F we don’t recommend doing dabs at that high of a temperature because you might damage your lungs.

Secondly, you don’t need to manually heat the bangers all over like you need to when using a butane torch, the heating coil does all that for you. The heating coil wraps the quartz banger or the titanium nail (depends on the kit you bought) around tightly and heats evenly so there will not be some weird high temp spots that might ruin the taste of your cannabis concentrates. You just need to index the temperature you want and wait till the enail kit does it all for you, you’ll find this hands free feature especially important when you are stoned 😉

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about your precious glassware collection breaking because of the heat. Your dab rigs or bongs could cost a fortune to buy and it’s a unique representative of our taste and nowadays with all the themed glass bongs or dab rigs around, they could even be a self-statement. Using an enail dab kit, especially a quartz enail dab kit can protect your glassware, prevent them from breaking from the beginning. You probably know that glass will break at around 400°F, since the heating coil is keeping a safe distance from your dab rig/bong’s joint, and there is no flame to heat up the joint, you rest assured that your glassware will be around for a lifetime of use.