Is an Enail Worth the Investment?

Is an Enail Worth the Investment?

Is an Enail Worth the Investment?

Enails are technological innovation, but so too are they an investment. Here’s all you need to know before splurging.

The dabbing game is getting more and more high tech each day. Color-changing bangers, intricate percolators, and even enails are all a part of the professional dabber’s tool set and experience. Not everything that’s advertised is as helpful as it looks, but with all the buzz around an enail, we can’t help but delve into whether or not this invention is worth the investment.


An enail is an ingenious addition to any dabber’s collection. It’s a foolproof method for reaching the perfect temperature, without ever having to use a torch. Enails entered the dabbing scene just a few years back. Short for electronic nail, it was a response to the demand for a gadget that makes vaporizing concentrates that much simpler. What with a torch, a timer and a load of patience, dabbing can be a tedious process.  As far as engineering goes, it’s not an overly complicated tool. Most setups include a controller box that sends a signal through a coil to heat up. This coil is attached to a dab nail, thus heating up the rig appropriately. Since an enail allows you full control over the temperature, you can simply enter your desired level of heat and wait for it to reach the set number. Overall, an enail lets you bring your banger up to speed automatically and maintain optimal temperature as long as you need.


While you’re spending money, to begin with, enails have a way of keeping the cash flow to a minimum after the initial investment. Here are a couple of ways that this nifty contraption helps you save money in the long run.

You don’t have to buy a torch. An enail eliminates the need for a separate torch, so you don’t have to spend money on replacement after replacement. Even if it’s just a few bucks here and there, that really adds up.  Enails let you conserve your concentrates. Since they maintain optimal temperature, you don’t have to go through your wax quite as fast. Rather, you can use it bit by bit, knowing good and well you’re heating it to just the right temperature. Too hot and all your dabs would be gone in a second. Too cool and you wouldn’t reap the full benefits of each hit as it comes.  Knowing this, you may find an enail to be an investment worth checking out. If nothing else, it brings a sense of intricacy to the dabbing grounds. For many, that’s the only convincing they need.


If you’ve ever dabbed before, you know that safety is a key ingredient. Even though you’re eliminating the torch from the equation, there’s still a chance that things could go awry should you forget to pay attention.  Enails create extremely high temperatures up to and beyond 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this, it’s crucial that the operator remain vigilant and aware because they’re ultimately the ones who are responsible for the safety and well being of those around them. If you have animals, children or even someone who has never heard of an enail in the home, do yourself a favor and take extra precautions when the time comes. And with those elements that go along with the outdoors, you’ll want to keep your enail within the walls of your home.


You don’t have to be a dabbing veteran to get yourself an enail. In fact, everyone has to start somewhere, so it makes total sense that you’d want a basic bit of technology to heat you up. At 710 Life, we have a beginner-friendly enail that gets the job done without overwhelming you.

Portable Enail Bubbler

710 Life Dip n Dab


For an all-in-one setup to get you started, this enail bubbler is the perfect fit. Able to be carried anywhere your heart desires (within reason), it features a rechargeable battery that prevents any possibility of burning yourself. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the world of enails without being overwhelmed with too many technicalities. Including a magnetic carb cap, titanium, and ceramic nail, silicone wax jar and more, you’ll have everything you need to get toking.