The Portable Enail Craze

The Portable Enail Craze

Dabbing on the Go! The Portable Enail Craze is Taking the World by Storm

710 Life Dip n Dab

When enails first introduced themselves to the dabbing game, it didn’t take long for them to take off. After all, the notion of a self-heating device that lets you toss the torch to the side (safely, of course) was revolutionary.  By the time manufacturers managed to make this technology portable, it was almost too good to be true. A dabbing utensil you can bring with you on the go, sans the hefty accessories traditionally associated with the sport? Yeah, we’ll take it. We’re here to share what’s kept the portable enail trend chugging along all this time, with a gusto reserved only for the most fortuitous of inventions.


The portable enail is a variant of the desktop enail. Desktop enails serve as a safe and effective replacement for the manual process of heating up your dab nail (which includes the use of an often-intimidating butane torch). The portable version basically unplugs this and let’s you take the setup wherever you desire.  You can equate the two types of enails with a laptop versus desktop computer analogy. While they both serve the same ultimate purpose as a computer, one is ready for adventure and not a heavy load while the other grants you a sense of power and security at home.  While the Desktop enail is the best tool for dabbing the portable enail remains great for adventure and fun


A portable enail is made up of a number of components, each of which serves a crucial purpose in the tool as a whole.  The body of the enail is where the electricity lies. From the bottom up, you’ll find a magnetic stand, battery, primary device with power button and a heating rod. These factors are what allows the tool to heat up to a whopping 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating rod—the uppermost part of the body—activates only when you press the power button. If you need to change the heating rod, you can do so by removing and replacing it.  Beyond the body is the dabbing attachment. This section is comprised of a rechargeable nail, glass attachment, magnetic carb cap, drip tip and magnetic dab tool. Multiple types of dab nails are available for your portable enail, including ceramic, quartz and titanium. The glass attachment is the avenue which the vapor travels through prior to reaching your mouth.  For such a compact piece of equipment, it’s amazing that the enail manages to squeeze in so many components. But that’s what it takes to make the dabbing magic happen on the go!


There are lots of things that make a portable enail a worthy investment. We want to dish out a few of the most important factors.  Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the tool’s ability to be toted anywhere you see fit. With this, dabbing ceases to be a tedious task, instead of transforming into a quick and efficient job that’s done in a jiffy.  So too is a portable enail safe. Because of the electronic nail component in the body, you don’t have to fret about fumbling with a dangerous torch. This keeps you as well as those around you secure while you partake.  This is one accurate accessory. Heat your concentrates up to the proper temperature, with no wavering degrees. We doubt you’ll settle for an estimate ever again.  The quality of the vapor in a nail of this kind is of high esteem. You’re able to taste the true essence of your niche concentrates, heightening your palate for the rest of your dabbing days.  With all these benefits of the portable enail genre, it’s no wonder this tool has proven itself in the dabbing world for quite some time.


Gone are the days where you’re stuck with a water-fueled bubbler that drips at the mere threat of movement. The Portable Enail Dip n Dab Bubbler by 710 Life emerges the pros of enail technology with the benefits of a smooth bubbler toke, all while maintaining a portable nature that others will only be envious of.  This 710 Life portable gem features an enail that’s fueled by a rechargeable battery. A glass bubbler attaches to the pen, granting a seamless experience, no matter the concentrate. The bundle includes both a ceramic and a titanium nail, meaning you can choose which addition works for you on any given day. There’s even a magnetic carb cap with dab tool to emphasize the potency of the wax tenfold.  With this portable enail, you can keep your cannabis concentrates in a silicone wax jar, which just so happens to come with your purchase. The compact case will come in handy when you’re on the move, keeping your enail safe as can be, wherever you choose to roam.


No matter who you are, there are times when the day takes a turn for the unexpected. It’s moments like these when an on-the-go addition to your dabbing repertoire really comes in handy. In a moment’s notice, you can reel in that post-hit feeling, keeping your troubles at bay as long as you need.  A portable enail is safe, effective and compact as can be, giving your smoking style a subtle touch. It’s one of those products that will come in handy in more ways than you could ever imagine. All that’s left to do is wait and see just how life with your portable enail will unfold.